Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a conflict on my schedule date, what should I do?

This program is designed to meet the schedules of new first year and transfer students.  Contact Multicultural Student Affairs at (919) 515-3835 for conflicts(Marching Band, Athletics, Park Scholars, University Honors Program, WISE Village, SAY Village) with other campus programs or need to attend an alternative session than originally selected.

What do I need to do to register for Orientation & Symposium?
Register online at: 2013 Symposium Registration. Registration by August 1st  allows us to make accommodations with University Housing for early check-in for all students attending the Symposium.

Do we have to attend Symposium?
We strongly encourage all Native American students as well as other interested students to attend a respective symposium session. Students who do not attend the Symposium often times report feeling at a disadvantage when they enter the university. This is a time to gain valuable information and connect with resources and people who can make a positive difference in your academic career at NC State. In addition, data shows that first year students that attended a Symposium demonstrated higher grade point averages during their first year at NC State than those that did not attend.

Where should we go first?
You should first check-in at your assigned Residence Hall for the fall semester/2013-14 academic year. Early residence hall check-in is available between 8:00 am -1pm  on the first day of your schedule symposium. For students traveling from out-of-state and more than 3 hours away, Residence Hall check-in is available on the day prior to your schedule symposium from 3pm to 8pm.  After you register, we will send you a confirmation you asking to indicate your date of check-in.

Check-in for the Symposium will begin at 12:00pm in the Witherspoon Student Center.  Symposium Welcome begins at 1:00 pm. You are invited eat lunch prior to the Welcome Session. Symposium Counselors will be available to escort students from their residence halls to Witherspoon Student Center. Students not staying in the residence hall overnight should arrive at 12:00pm to check-in at Witherspoon Student Center.

What time will the Symposium begin & end?
The Symposium will begin at 1:00 pm on day 1  and conclude around 12:00 pm on day 2.  Each day includes about 4 hrs of activities and allows for flexibility in various student interactions.  Note: This is not an all day program.  Students enjoy the opportunities and interactions they often loose track of the time.

Is there a fee for Symposium?
There is not a fee for students to attend Symposium. Parents and others are responsible for their overnight accommodations and meals. Students arriving on the day prior to their scheduled symposium will be responsible for their own meals until the Symposium formally begins with lunch on day 1.

What should I bring?
Notebook, pen and a light jacket (buildings are air conditioned and students often report being cold).

Should my parents come?
Parents are welcome to stay and participate in Symposium. There will be a discussion session held just for parents. Parents and guests attend symposium at their own expense (overnight accommodations and meals), however there is no charge to parents and guests to attend the Symposium. Parents/Family members session is only day 1 from 1pm-4pm.

What if I need to arrive early for the Symposium?
If you need to arrive on the day prior to your scheduled symposium session. Please let us know. We will need to contact Residence Life to inform them of your arrival.  Deadline for early move-in is Aug. 1st.

Is the Native Symposium in July with New Student Orientation?
Formerly, the Native American Symposium did take place in July alongside the required New Student Orientation. Changes were instituted in 2008 that moved the program to be held in August as a part of Welcome Week just prior to the start of the academic year.

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