Today, the NCSU Women’s Center continues to be a catalyst and resource that advances gender equity and social justice through education, advocacy, and leadership for the campus community. Although we are a “Women’s Center”, we see gender on a continuum and we welcome EVERYONE to the Center. Together with our Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED), we envision and work for a Wolfpack community that champions gender equity and promotes respect for all. What started small has grown to 6 full-time professional staff positions, 3 student workers, 2 AmeriCorps Literacy Corps team members, 1 TA, 1 intern, and over 400 volunteers! Our scope has broadened so that we are now able to serve NCSU students, faculty, staff, and members of our Raleigh community.

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Dr. Ashley Simons-Rudolph

As director of the Women’s Center, Dr. Simons-Rudolph is devoted to the research, education, and advocacy related to gender equity of all students.  She has also taught in the NC State Women’s and Gender Studies department since 2003.

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Jennifer Castillo

Associate Director
Jennifer enjoys learning with and serving her community, and is especially passionate about issues of diversity, gender equity and education as a transformative tool for social change.

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Otis McGresham

Assistant Director,
Interpersonal Violence Services

Otis is passionate about students growth and development and believes in the transformative potential of the intentional educational environment.
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Dr. C. Ellen Washington

Assistant Director,
Leadership Scholar in Residence

Dr. Washington provides leadership for sustainability and growth of the Chancellor’s First Year Leadership Program. She also offers significant experience in academic leadership, women in leadership, higher educational learning models, strategic planning, and organizational development.
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Sara Forcella

Rape Prevention Education Coordinator
Sara works to advise The Movement Peer Educators student organization and work collaboratively with community stakeholders to raise awareness about issues of IPV and sexual violence on campus and within the community.
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Kimberly Zugay

University Programs Associate
Kimberly has a talent for developing student leaders, and her organizational skills combined with her supportive nature allows students to see the big picture and enjoy the process as a learning experience.
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