University Diversity Advisory Committee

Mission, Vision, Core Value and Charge


The Mission of the University Diversity Advisory Committee is to advise the Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity, to advocate for initiatives that will facilitate the progress of diversity at the university, to challenge practices that hinder the fulfillment of the university’s vision for diversity, and to support innovations that stimulate and advance the fulfillment of the university’s vision for diversity.


The Vision of the University Diversity Advisory Committee is a university that embraces its stated definition of diversity: Diversity is an inclusive community of people with varied human characteristics, ideas, and world-views and whose interactions both benefit and challenge each other to grow while making the community better.

Core Value

The Core Value of the University Diversity Advisory Committee is to be a university organization that involves members who are individually and collectively, personally and professionally engaged in fulfilling the university’s vision for diversity.


Responsibilities of the Committee include the following:

  • Work closely with the Vice Provost to provide overall leadership on all diversity matters for the university;
  • Advocate for the recruitment and representation of diverse students, faculty and staff and encourage diversity initiatives that enhance retention, advancement and engagement of diverse people throughout the university;
  • Translate the university diversity strategic plan into college-specific and division-specific diversity action plans that support and enhance an inclusive and culturally competent university environment;
  • Enhance community collaborations that support the intellectual and research interests of the university in the area of diversity and inclusion;
  • Evaluate and advise on the campus diversity assessment plan and initiatives to promote campus-wide cooperation and participation;
  • Recruit and encourage faculty, staff, students and administrators to participate in the professional development and research opportunities available through OIED; and
  • Monitor progress on strategic diversity indicators and standards to ensure responsibility and accountability for achieving diversity, multiculturalism, cultural competency and affirmative action-related goals and objectives

Charge Document Draft July 31, 2013 (updated 9-20-13) Adopted 11-25-13

Operating Principles

Operating Principles


  1. A Chair and Vice Chair that is also the Chair-elect, will be elected from the appointed membership of the Committee (not an OIED employee). The term of office for the Chair and Chair-elect will be one year for each (a total of two years).
  2. The Chair and Vice-Chair will collaborate with the OIED Liaison to set the theme for the year, establish the working committees, and set the agenda for all Committee meetings. The Chair will convene and facilitate all Committee meetings. The Vice Chair will stand in the Chair’s absence.
  3. The role of the University Diversity Advisory Committee secretary will be fulfilled by the OIED University Program Associate, who will maintain the membership roster, distribute meeting notices, attend meetings to take attendance and record minutes, and distribute the agenda and previous meeting’s minutes a week prior to the next scheduled meeting. Upon approval of the minutes, the Program Associate will post them to the University Diversity Advisory Committee website.
  4. The OIED Liaison to University Diversity Advisory Committee will be the Vice Provost for OIED or her designee.


  1. Elections will be held at the first meeting of the academic term (usually in August) from a list of candidates that was created by member nominations in the last meeting of the previous academic term (usually May) and vetted over the summer by the incoming chair.
  2. Nominees willing and able to serve will provide brief statements of their goals and vision for the University Diversity Advisory Committee and answer questions from the members present prior to a vote being taken.
  3. The candidate with the majority of votes will be declared Vice-Chair and Chair-Elect.


  1. University Diversity Advisory Committee meetings will be held monthly, August-May.
  2. Agendas will be set by the chair, in consultation with the OIED Liaison and will include topics pertinent to the mission of the Committee.


  1. Ad Hoc committees may be formed as needed.
  2. Any committees formed will file reports no later than the final meeting of the year, summarizing the outcomes of the committee’s work, including any recommendations for future action.
  3. The committee reports will be posted on the University Diversity Advisory Committee website.

Supporting Diversity-Related Events and Activities

  1. University Diversity Advisory Committee members will subscribe to the Diversity Digest to be aware of diversity-related events being offered on campus, will attend as many events as possible, and will help promote the events to their colleagues. They will also submit events they are sponsoring to the Diversity Digest for inclusion in the calendar.
  2. UNIVERSITY DIVERSITY ADVISORY COMMITTEE members who are sponsoring diversity-related events that are open to the university will share promotional materials with other members, who will distribute them in their work areas

Updating the University Diversity Advisory Committee Charge document

  1. This document may be revised as needed by a simple majority vote of Committee members.
  2. The charge document should undergo formal review every three years by a committee appointed by the Chair, working over the summer and presenting any recommended changes to the full Committee at the first meeting in the fall.

Charge Document Draft July 31, 2013 (updated 9-20-13) Adopted 11-25-13



 Members of the University Diversity Advisory Committee will represent a broad cross-section of the university, including all colleges. The list of member units includes those that are focused on diversity as part of their missions, and those that have an impact on diversity efforts as they are infused into their ongoing operations. All members are responsible for bringing issues related to diversity to the attention and possible action of the Committee, as well are they responsible for bringing the mission and actions of the Committee to their respective units.


Member Units: Total = 45

  • Faculty Senate (1)
  • Associate Deans (1)
  • Deans (1)
  • Faculty – at – Large (4)
  • Faculty Liaisons (4)
  • College Diversity Officers (4)
  • Student Government Undergraduates (3)
  • Graduate Student (1)
  • Athletics (1)
  • DASA Subdivisions (4)
  • Academic Programs and Services, Arts NC State, Campus Life, Student Development, Health and Wellness
  • Continuing Education (1)
  • Human Resources (1)
  • International Affairs (1)
  • Legal Affairs (1)
  • Libraries (1)
  • Finance and Business (1)
  • Advancement (1)
  • Office of the Chancellor (1)
  • Staff Senate (1)
  • African American Cultural Center (1)
  • Multicultural Student Affairs (1)
  • GLBT Center (1)
  • Women’s Center (1)
  • University Communications (1)
  • Office for Information Technology (1)
  • Graduate School (1)
  • Admissions (1)
  • Campus Police (1)
  • University Planning and Analysis (1)
  • Research and Innovation (1)
  • Staff –at – Large (1)
  • OIED ex officio: Vice Provost, Faculty Diversity, Student Diversity, Staff Diversity


Represents Member Unit
Faculty Senate representative Paola Sztajn Education
Associate Deans
Deans Dan Solomon COS
Faculty at Large Mehmet Ozturk Elec Eng & Comp Eng
Faculty Liaison Jade Berry-James CHASS
Faculty Liaison Monica Leach CHASS
Faculty Liaison Wendy Krause Textiles
Faculty Liaison Susan Faircloth Education
College Diversity Office Lisa Guion Jones CALS
College Diversity Office Thomas Easley CNR
College Diversity Office Joe Johnson CHASS
College Diversity Office Tameka Whitaker Design
Student Gov’t undergraduate Carson Shepherd Student Senate President
Student Gov’t undergraduate Alex Parker Student Body President
Student Gov’t undergraduate Guadalupe Arce-Jimenez Chief of Staff,  Diversity Chair
Graduate Student Veronica Mbaneme Vice Pres for Ex Affrs, Graduate Student Assn
Athletics Michelle Lee Compliance/SWA
Arts NC State Tara Mullins Assistant Director of the Dance Program
Campus Life Tim Luckadoo Campus Life
Student Development, Health and Wellness Eric Hawkes University Recreation
Academic Programs and Services
Continuing Education Alice Warren McKimmon Center
Human Resources Kathy Lambert Benefits
Legal Affairs Shawn Troxler Office of General Counsel
Libraries Lisa Boxill Ruth Libraries
Finance and Business Michelle Trajanovska Facilities Human Resources
Advancement Rebecca Askew Prospect Management
Office of the Chancellor Sarah Stone External Affairs
Staff Senate Ryan Hancock Chair of the Staff Senate
African American Cultural Center Darryl Lester AACC
Multicultural Student Affairs Rod Bradley MSA
GLBT Center Justine Hollingshead GLBT Center
Women’s Center C. Ellen Washington Women’s Center
University Communications Brad Bohlander University Communications
Office for Information Technology Greg Kraus University IT Accessibility
Graduate School David Shafer Graduate School
Admissions Ronnie Chalmers Admin
Campus Police Jack Moorman Environmental Health & Public Safety
Office of International Affairs Caylie Zidwick Study Abroad
University Planning and Analysis Nancy Whelchel UPA
Research and Innovation Kelly Sexton
Staff at Large Shawn Colvin DELTA
OIED Marcia Gumpertz Faculty Diversity
OIED Tracey Ray Student Diversity
OIED Joanne Woodard Institutional Equity and Diversity
OIED Deb Luckadoo Staff Diversity


2014-15 Meetings

The University Diversity Advisory Committee meetings will be held on the fourth (4th) Monday of each month from 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise notedin Winslow Hall, Winslow Conference Room 100, located on the first floor.

The schedule for 2014-2015 is as follows:

    • Monday, August 25, 2014
    • Monday, September 22, 2014
    • Monday, October 27, 2014
    • Monday, November 24, 2014
    • Monday, January 26, 2015
    • Monday, February 23, 2015
    • Monday, March 23, 2015
    • Monday, April 27, 2015
    • Monday, May 18, 2015*(3rd Monday)
    • JUNE 2015 – NO MEETING
    • JULY 2015 – NO MEETING

* Indicates a change in the schedule. 


  • Diversity Strategic Plan: “Inclusive Excellence, A Summary of Our Strategic Plan for Achieving Authentic Diversity” (2008) – (Word) (PDF)

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