Harassment Complaint Resolution Procedures

If You Feel Harassed

Members of of the university community have both rights and responsibilities related to resolving harassment complaints. Make sure you understand these clearly and seek assistance if you need clarification.

Your Rights

  • It is your right to work and/or learn in a harassment-free environment.
  • It is your right to have your concerns treated in a prompt and confidential manner.
  • It is your right to seek assistance from someone other than your direct supervisor.

Your Responsibilities

What You Should Do

  • Inform the other party that the behavior is offensive and unacceptable. Ignoring the behavior will often be taken as tacit consent. Say no. Make it clear. But remember that it’s usually not necessary to blast the other party. Talk about how you might interact more effectively and what changes are desired.
  • Keep a record of dates, places, times, and witnesses of harassing behavior.

Whom You Should Contact for Assistance

You are encouraged, and you should feel free, to seek assistance, information, and guidance from any of these resources:

  • Your Supervisor
    Employees with a concern in the workplace
  • Your Adviser
    Students with a concern about any other person

Alternate Reporting Option

You may submit a harassment complaint online by using the online Complaint Form.


Bernice Sandler, expert on women’s issues