If You Are Accused of Harassment

Members of the university community have both rights and responsibilities related to resolving harassment complaints. Make sure you understand these clearly and seek assistance if you need clarification.

Your Rights

  • It is your right to have an opportunity to fully respond to complaints of harassment.
  • It is your right to have concerns treated in a prompt and confidential manner.
  • It is your right to know the steps taken to resolve the complaint.

Your Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for understanding and complying with the Harassment and Discrimination Policies.
  • It is your responsibility not to take any actions against the grievant that could be considered as retaliation.

What You Should Do

  • Immediately stop any behavior that has been noted as a concern.
  • Try not to go on the defensive. This will only make the situation worse. While you have every right to defend your actions, a calm and non-judgmental approach will be most helpful.
  • Listen very carefully to the other party and try to understand that person’s perspective. It is not uncommon for our behaviors to have an impact that is different from what we intended. Talk about how you might interact more effectively and what changes are desired.

Whom You Should Contact for Assistance

You are encouraged, and you should feel free, to seek assistance, information, and guidance from any of these resources.

  • Your Supervisor
  • Your Adviser