If You Receive a Complaint

Members of of the university community have both rights and responsibilities related to resolving harassment complaints. Make sure you understand these clearly and seek assistance if you need clarification.

Your Rights

  • It is your right to work and/or learn in a harassment-free environment.

Your Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for understanding and complying with the Harassment and Discrimination Policies.
  • You are responsible for responding to concerns in a prompt manner.
  • You are responsible for maintaining impartiality.
  • You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality (to a limited extent).
  • You are responsible for knowing whom to contact for assistance in resolving concerns.

What You Should Do

  • If you observe or are approached about discrimination or harassment, take action.
  • Maintain impartiality. Avoid expressing opinions about the character or ability of the accused or other persons involved. Do not make proclamations about whether you believe or disbelieve the grievant or whether you believe or disbelieve that harassment has occurred.
  • Maintain confidentiality; however, you should not make promises regarding complete confidentiality.
  • Maintain documentation regarding any matters involving discrimination or harassment.
  • Bottom line: Be a good supervisor — show respect for others, listen to their concerns, and help resolve them. When in doubt, get help.

Whom You Should Contact for Assistance

You are encouraged, and you should feel free, to seek assistance, information, and guidance from any of these resources.

  • Your Supervisor
    Any situation
  • Human Resources
    Situations involving SPA employees with a concern about any other employee