Video: “Preventing Harassment on Campus”

“Preventing Harassment on Campus: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility” (Produced May 2002)

Interested in a proactive way to discuss harassment and discrimination within a university environment? The Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity at North Carolina State University has created a video entitled “Preventing Harassment on Campus: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility.” This video is available for purchase by other universities and educational institutions to use with their unlawful harassment programming and training efforts.

The video features a speaker who discusses unlawful harassment and also includes four vignettes that feature harassment based on race, sex, disability, and religion. The first vignette features a situation of an African-American male student walking into his residence hall room and finding a note on his door that reads, “Go back to Africa.” The second vignette exemplifies a “quid pro quo” situation where a faculty member tells his advisee that he needs to “get to know her better – on a more personal level” before he will write her a letter of recommendation for graduate school. Another vignette involves a teaching assistant telling the class that she accepts “no excuses” for late papers or late work and she is not willing to put up with any of that “learning disability garbage;” this is an example of hostile environment harassment based on disability. The last vignette shows how harassment can occur in a variety of academic environments – even a locker room for athletes. The coach in this scene tells his basketball players that all of them need to participate in Christmas services and that this is a “team event.” One of the players on the team is Jewish and does not wish to participate, but the coach tells him he expects all of his players to be “role models.” The speaker in the video gives a brief overview of laws regarding unlawful harassment, discusses what a person can do if she or he experiences harassment, suggests university resources a person can utilize if he or she experiences harassment, and provides tips on how to prevent harassment.

How to Order

The video runs for fourteen (14) minutes and the cost of the video is $250. If you are interested in purchasing this video, please contact:

NC State University
Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity
231 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
Raleigh, NC 27695-7530

Phone: 919-515-3148