Faculty Diversity

Our vision is to increase faculty diversity and promote a hospitable climate that supports the success of all faculty at NC State

We promote a comprehensive approach to faculty diversity and inclusion, engaging and coordinating with faculty throughout the university with working groups, committees, and core programming.

“The more that you live between clusters, the more exposed you’ll be to different ideas. As psychologist Scott Berkun has argued, all new ideas are combinations of old ideas. So if you gather seeds of the ‘old’ ideas of diverse groups of people, you can make a super-productive soil for your own insights.” — Drake Baer as seen in the 12/28/2014 N&O


Resources for Women and Faculty with Families

NC State has several policies and programs relating to work/family compatibility.
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Faculty Search Toolbox

The Faculty Search Toolbox contains resources, templates, and breakthrough practices for recruiting diverse faculty to NCSU.
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Get Involved

Subscribe to listserves and Google groups for women faculty and for faculty interested in faculty diversity. Find out about activities of the Multicultural Faculty Group and other affinity groups for faculty. The full calendar of faculty diversity events is also here.
Links and Information are Here.



Religious Holidays

See immediately which days are important religious holidays that might entail work/class attendance restrictions.
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Data and Reports

What’s the demographic distribution of faculty, students, staff and administrators at NC State? Also find reports on usage of tenure clock extension and parental leave, climate for GLBT students, faculty, and staff, faculty salary equity, faculty exit surveys, and assessment of faculty diversity efforts.
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