Faculty and Staff Diversity Initiatives

Workshops, Institutes, and Projects

  • Building Future Faculty Program: A two-day all-expenses paid workshop for advanced graduate students and post-doctoral scholars who are interested in pursuing academic careers and who are committed to promoting diversity in higher education.
  • PURPOSE Institute: Promoting Underrepresented Presence on Science and Engineering Faculties
  • ADVANCE: Developing Diverse Departments at NC State: The mission of Developing Diverse Departments is to spark a shift in attitudes toward a diverse and inclusive climate and create paths of diffusion and discussion of these ideas throughout the NC State faculty.

For Prospective Faculty

We view faculty diversity as crucial to building a campus community that fosters demographic and intellectual diversity. When you come to campus for a visit, if you would like us to arrange an opportunity for you to interact with any particular group of students, faculty, and/or staff to gain an additional understanding of our campus climate, please contact Dr. Marcia Gumpertz, Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity. We will make every effort to facilitate those meetings.

Resources for Faculty

Resources for Department Heads & Deans


Leadership Development

Task Forces

Resources for Women and Families

Retirement Resources