OIED Staff Directory

Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity Staff

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Unit Name Phone Address
Administration Joanne G. Woodard
Vice Provost
919-515-4559 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
 Lisa Pierson
Business Officer
919-515-1151 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
 Beverly J. Williams
Director of Education and Training
919-513-3836 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
 Seprina Justice
Administrative Support Associate
919-515-7258 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
Communications Elizabeth Snively
Senior Communications Technologist
919-513-1341 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
 Jacqueline Perry
Communications Technologist
919-515-2814 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
Equal Opportunity and Equity Amy Circosta
Associate Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity
919-513-1234 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
 Ursula B. Hairston
Assistant Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity
919-513-3250 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
 Jordyne Blaise
Assistant Equal Opportunity Officer
919-513-2099 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
Faculty Diversity Dr. Marcia L. Gumpertz
Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity
919-515-7826 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
 Wendy H. Giddens
University Program Associate
919-515-3607 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
Staff Diversity Dr. Deb Collins Luckadoo
Director of Staff Diversity
919-513-3245 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
Student Diversity Dr. Tracey Ray
Assistant Vice Provost for Student Diversity
919-515-9243 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
 Garry Morgan
Diversity Program Assistant
919-513-3842 Winslow Hall, Box 7530
Campus Community Centers - African American Cultural Center Dr. Tracey Ray
Assistant Vice Provost for Student Diversity and Interim Director
919-515-9243 Witherspoon Student Center, Box 7318
 Darryl Lester
Assistant Director
919-513-0960 Witherspoon Student Center, Box 7318
 Toni H. Thorpe
Program Coordinator
919-515-1451 Witherspoon Student Center, Box 7318
 Crystal Harkless
Administrative Support Specialist
919-515-1396 Witherspoon Student Center, Box 7318
 Angela Jenkins
919-513-2448 Witherspoon Student Center, Box 7318
Campus Community Centers - GLBT Center Renee Wells
919-513-9742 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
 Natalie Nguyen
Assistant Director
919-513-9742 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
 Julius Perkins
Program Assistant
919-513-9742 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
 Adam Ward
Graduate Assistant
919-513-3563 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
Campus Community Centers - Multicultural Student Affairs Jennifer Brown
Interim Director
919-515-9249 Pullen Hall, Box 7314
 Jasmine Omorogbe
Assistant Director for African American Student Affairs
919-513-2456 Pullen Hall, Box 7314
 Ian T. Stroud
Assistant Director for Native American Student Affairs
919-513-3480 Pullen Hall, Box 7314
 Nelson Santiago
Assistant Director for Hispanic Student Affairs
919-513-1351 Pullen Hall, Box 7314
 Jussani McKoy Brown
Administrative Support Specialist
919-515-9240 Pullen Hall, Box 7314
Campus Community Centers - Women's Center Dr. Ashley Simons-Rudolph
919-513-2955 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
 Jennifer Castillo
Associate Director
919-513-2672 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
 Otis McGresham
Assistant Director for Interpersonal Violence Prevention Services
919-513-0929 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
 Dr. C. Ellen Washington
Assistant Director for Leadership and Scholar in Residence
919-513-3137 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
 Sara Forcella
Rape Prevention Education Coordinator
919-513-3188 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295
 Kimberly Zugay
University Program Associate
919-515-2012 Harrelson Hall, Box 7295