Staff Diversity Advisory Board

The Staff Diversity Advisory Board serves as a sounding board and idea generator for the Director of Staff Diversity. Board members (listed below) represent a broad cross-section of the university both in their personal demographics and in the variety of units where they work and the positions they hold. The Staff Diversity Advisory Board has provided insight to the implementation of the Recommendations of the 2012 Task Force on Staff Diversity and will actively participate in the analysis of results of the 2014 Staff Well-being Survey.

Two products that have derived from the creative energy of the Staff Diversity Advisory Board are the diversity video and the Connect with NC State website. This website is designed to help all NC State employees learn about the important traditions, symbols, places and programs of the university to help them feel welcome and included as part of the community and not just a job-holder. The video is shown at all New Employee Orientation presentations.


 Staff Diversity Advisory Board Members 2013-2014

  • Ada Baldwin, Facilities – Business Manager
  • Angkana Bode, Facilities – Construction & Design Services
  • Anju Singh, Parks, Recreation & Tourism Mgt
  • April Jackson, College of Engineering
  • Carolina Foster, Facilities – Zone Manager
  • Ed Brown, Textiles
  • Hermine Kabbendjian, Engineering (CASL/CNESS)
  • Inga Wilson, College of Sciences
  • Jim Brawley, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • John Starbuck, Campus Enterprises
  • Kimberly Pender, College of Engineering
  • Luis Jiminez, Campus Life-Facilities
  • Marcie Belisle, Chemistry
  • Mary Martin, College of Education
  • Nikki Price, Business Operations Human Resources Director
  • Robert Davis, Biological Sciences
  • Roshaunda Breeden, Poole College of Management
  • Sylvia Blankenship, College of Ag & Life Sciences
  • Yulisa Lin, University Housing


  • Kathy Lambert, HR- Employment Services
  • David Perryman, HR – Employment Services
  • Kevin Rice, HR- Training &Organizational Development
  • Joe Williams, HR- Benefits
  • Kaprina Mitchell, HR-Benefits
  • Wyona Goodwin, Staff Senate Diversity Committee
  • Ursula Hairston, OIED – Equal Opportunity and Equity
  • Garry Morgan, OIED – Diversity
  • Deb Luckadoo, OIED – Director of Staff Diversity