Afrikan American Student Advisory Council (AASAC)

IMG_0183 AASAC is a student extension of the Office of African-American Student Affairs (AASA). Its purpose shall be to function as a forum for the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of information to all African American student organizations. The specific focus of this forum shall be the implementation of the following goals in which AASAC shall encourage individual African American organizations:

  1. To advocate for the education of African American students about their African cultural heritage in order to promote and uplift an African centered consciousness.
  2. To develop the leadership potential and the academic and professional development of all African American students through the reflection of the seven *Nguzo Saba principles.
  3. To identify and address the needs and concerns of African American students through unity action and effective communications.

 AASAC Universal Calendar

Jasmine Omorogbe
Assistant Director,
African American Student Affairs

(919) 515-3835

Breanna Powell

(919) 515-3835

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