What is the African American Symposium?

The African American Symposium is a transitional experience sponsored by the Department of Multicultural Student Affairs. Its purpose is to maximize the academic success of incoming first-year students by providing information about campus resources, support personnel, cultural heritage, networking and other strategies for success. The African American Symposium fosters a sense of community and provides a foundation for ensuring academic, social, and personal success at NC State.

The Symposium is scheduled in August, just prior to the start of the fall semester/academic year. There is no additional cost for students to attend the Symposium. Parents and guests are also invited to attend during the day 1 session.

At the Symposium, students receive additional printed materials about NC State among which is the Symposium handbook. The handbook contains information about campus resources, faculty and staff, academic tutorial, student organizations, local businesses and churches/worship centers, and more. Students also attend workshops, which provide them with valuable information to aid in their successful transition to NC State and prepare them for any challenges they may encounter.

Symposium is an excellent first-time opportunity for new students to become familiar with college life, experience cultural growth, and to network with other students. Again, students are encouraged to attend the Symposium session as a first year student at NC State.