Frequently Asked Questions

Are chairs provided?
No, chairs are not provided for spectators. Chairs will be placed around the arena for dancers. You are strongly encouraged to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets.

Can we take pictures?
Yes, you may take pictures providing you get permission from the dancer, drum group, or other individuals. It is against etiquette to take pictures during the Veteran and Flag Songs. Also, do not go into the arena during exhibitions to take pictures. You may do this after the exhibition.

Is there a fee?
No. The pow wow at NC State is FREE.

Who may attend?
Anyone may attend the pow wow. It is OPEN to the PUBLIC.

Are spectators allowed to dance?
Yes, during intertribals or social dances. The Master of Ceremonies will invite participants into the arena to participate in these dances. Also, spectators may dance in the Veterans Honoring Song. This honor song is open for any veteran to dance, native or non-native.