Lactation Room

NC State currently has 14 lactation rooms located around campus, and six more in various stages of planning. These are available for use by all staff, faculty and students. Each room has a contact person who can help you with accessing the room.  Most of the rooms may be reserved through Google Calendar. Instructions for reserving the rooms are provided below, followed by the locations and contact information for the rooms. After you have reserved a room, please contact the person listed to obtain the key to the room.

In addition to the current lactation rooms on campus, the following are proposed rooms:

  • Talley Student Union – new baby care room
  • Broughton Hall – room to be determined
  • College of Textiles
  • Joyner Visitor Center
  • Biltmore Hall
  • Jordan Hall



  • Daniels 424 (Google Calendar: DAN. 515-2362, Elaine Erwin, or Bill Irwin,, 400 Daniels)
  • Thomas 3517 (515-5711, Michele Wolfe,, 3510 Thomas Hall)
  • Note: undergoing renovation during April and May 2014. Caldwell M9A, dual purpose kitchen/lactation room (Google Calendar:CAL. 513-7056, Allen Emory,
  • 1911 Building Room 130, dual purpose kitchen/lactation room (Google Calendar: NIN. 513-2339, John Craig,,  and Linda Orlandi, )
  • Poe 416 (Google Calendar:POE. 515-5514, Jill Whitfield,
  • 146 Scott Hall (Google Calendar: SC. 218-9251 or 515-7255, Jeff Hall,; Natasha Dillon,, room 134 Scott Hall)
  • SAS Hall, Room 5121 (Open unless occupied, 515-2528, Alison McCoy,
Lactation Rooms on Central Campus

  • Student Health Addition Room 1116 – dual purpose bicycle commuter shower room/lactation room.
Lactation Rooms on Centennial Campus and the Avent Ferry Complex

  • Avent Ferry Technology Center 122 (Google Calendar:AFH. 513-0747, Nate Maynard,
  • Hunt Library room 1202, (call 515-7110, the Ask Us Desk, for access)
  • 3001B EBII (Google Calendar:EB2. 515-2067, Sandy Bronson,
Lactation Rooms in Administrative Services Buildings, the McKimmon Center, and the College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Administrative Services Building III, Room 355 – dual purpose telephone room/lactation room (Google Calendar:AS3, 513-3956, Pat Johnson,
  • College of Veterinary Medicine B104X
  • McKimmon Center (on request. ask front desk receptionist)

How to reserve

Facilities linked to Google Calendar and marked with the notation “Google Calendar:”  may be reserved through Google calendar. For other rooms, information about how to access the room and contact information are given in parentheses beside the lactation room location.

Instructions for reserving a lactation or baby care room via Google calendar:

  1. Sign into your Google Calendar account using your NCSU email and password
  2. Create a reservation on your calendar and click on Edit event in your event window.
  3. Fill in all necessary information and then click on Rooms, etc located on the right hand side.
  4. If “show only available” is checked, uncheck it. Click on the building abbreviation for the lactation room you want to reserve. The lactation room should appear in the list.
  5. Click on the room that you want to set up the reservation.
  6. Click on SAVE to complete your reservation.
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