2014-2015 CSW Subcommittees

  1. Equity for Women Award
    • The Council on the Status of Women seeks to celebrate the accomplishments of members of our Wolfpack family that display exemplary leadership, service, and scholarship. The Equity for Women Awards are made annually to recognize faculty, staff, and students for their efforts to establish equity at NC State University.  Nominations are solicited from all members of the campus community including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and campus partners.  The Sisterhood Awards Subcommittee convenes to select recipients of the awards.
    • Members: Megan Albidrez, Kellie Burris, Susan Moore, Caren Ostrow, Jill Schmitter, Ashley Simons-Rudolph

  2. GLBTQ Equity
    • This subcommittee works to promote GLBTQ equity on campus, particularly in areas pertinent to female employees.
    • Members: Amanda Beasley, Kellie Burris, Deb Luckadoo, Alyssa Rockenbach

  3. Lactation Rooms
    • This subcommittee works to promote the addition of lactation rooms across campus so that faculty, staff, students, and visitors who are nursing will have appropriate and readily available spaces for expressing milk.
    • Members: Amanda Beller, Caitlin Evans, Whitney Jones, Nikki Price
  4. Parental Leave and Childcare
    • The purpose of this subcommittee is to advocate for parental and child care options for NC State faculty, staff and students. Their goal is to ensure commitment to familial well-being, safety, and security, as well as to promote initiatives dedicated to policies reflecting that commitment.
    • Members: Jessica Hall, Whitney Jones, DeAnn Judge
  5. Safety
    • The purpose of this subcommittee is to discuss safety concerns on campus and facilitate the education of women on campus using available safety-related resources and training.
    • Members: Nikki Cofield, Kim Davis, DeAnn Judge, Monica Osburn,  Rachel Monteverdi
  6. Sisterhood Dinner: Megan Albidrez, Kellie Burris, Nikki Cofield, Deb Luckadoo, Kaprina Mitchell, Rachel Monteverdi, Susan Moore, Karen Ostrow, Nikki Price, Julieta Sherk
  7. Women in Upper Leadership and Administration
    • This subcommittee’s goal is to increase the presence of women in higher administrative positions at NC State. Its members seek to increase the diversity of search committees for positions such as deans, vice provosts, vice chancellors, and associate vice chancellors. The subcommittee also works to provide input on search candidates and to monitor the gender diversity of individuals hired into these types of positions.
    • Members: Megan Albidrez, Marcia Gumpertz, Deb Luckadoo, Meredith Mason, Rachel Monteverdi, Julieta Sherk
  8. Work-Life Integration (Policies and Best Practices)
    • This subcommittee seeks to promote work-life integration within the NC State University community to ensure that staff and students excel in their professional and personal endeavors. They work with university administrators and stakeholders to examine current policies regarding flexible scheduling, tele-commuting, and job sharing in order to find strategies and provide tools to make NC State University a more desirable place to work and study.
    • Members: Tara Carr, Kaprina Mitchell, Caren Ostrow, Nikki Price, Jill Schmitter