Mr. Allen Emory has worked tirelessly to provide an equitable environment for women in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. As an employee in the Dean’s office, I have witnessed time and time again, his efforts in finding ways for women to participate equitably in the work place. For example, together with Ms. Dara Leeder, Mr. Emory followed up on identifying a space that was eventually designated for lactating mothers in the CHASS building. If it wasn’t for his efforts, mothers like myself would have been hard pressed to be able to balance working and meeting maternal duties.

Because of Mr. Emory’s efforts and no fuss attitude, women such as myself have enjoyed access to working alongside with colleagues while having access to resources that would support our unique needs. The fact that I was able to access the lactation room for the last 6 months can be directly linked to Mr. Emory’s efforts. His anticipatory attitude made it easy to bring up the issue of mothers such as myself, and he immediately made efforts to create an environment where mothers, such as myself, could enjoy meeting our maternal obligations without it impacting our work duties. His leadership has been influential in making women such as myself feel that our needs are part and parcel of the department.