Dani has been actively engaged with service to the GLBT community on and off campus during her time as a student. In the past two years she has stepped into two major leadership roles. Dani has served as the appointed representative for the GLBT Center to the Student Centers Board of Directors (SCBOD) and this past year Dani has also served as the Vice President for the GLBT-Community Alliance (GLBT-CA). While on the SCBOD, Dani has been involved in numerous committees. She is one of the first people to volunteer to help out with an event or activity. This year Dani is also serving as one of the two team leaders for the Alternative Service Break (ASB) trip to San Francisco. This trip in particular provides education and awareness about the GLBT community, including the impact of homelessness.

Dani has also been involved with other service activities on campus and has shown an interest in various leadership activities. Last summer she was one of two individuals selected to attend a health related youth leadership conference in New Jersey. This was an opportunity afforded by the Health Center on campus at NC State. Dani now serves as a liaison to the Health Center in regard to issues and concerns that impact students, more specifically the GLBT community.

During the Amendment One ballot initiative Dani was a student that took responsibility to get her peers registered to vote and helped to educate others about the harms of the amendment on the GLBT community. It is obvious that Dani is committed to service and leadership. She is well respected by her peers and goes above and beyond to help those in the GLBT community.

The area that Dani has demonstrated a significant impact is regarding issues of gender identity, gender equity, and specifically the Transgender community. Dani has been a champion for those with less of a voice simply because of their marginalization. She has been a vocal supporter of our efforts to raise awareness and educate the campus community about gender equity and inequity. Dani has take an active role with GLBT-CA when it comes to our programming and events for the Transgender community. This past fall Dani encouraged her peers to start a much needed Transgender support group. T-Files launched in the fall and now meets regularly. As a young cisgender identified female leader Dani has championed the needs of our female  to male and male to female transgender students. It is hard to quantify that she only looks at “women’s equity” but for her is clear the passion is about gender equity. There are not many individuals on NC State’s campus that take such a visible and active role in creating awareness and working toward meeting the needs of our Transgender community. Dani Lechner is clearly one of these individuals.