Dara Leeder is the Director of Student Retention in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS). Ms. Leeder’s efforts to integrate the unique needs of women in CHASS have helped women succeed in the work environment while balancing unique family situations. For example, she and building manager Mr. Allen Emory provided an opportunity for mothers to have time to access the lactation room where they could fulfill their maternal duties. Her support was subtle and did not draw attention to the opportunity. Rather, women working under Dara Leeder have been able to find ways to fulfill their work duties successfully without being penalized for having to meet their personal obligations.

As a mother of a new born baby, the support of my employer was critical to my success as a parent. Without Ms. Leeder’s support, I would not have been able to meet my work duties adequately while still meeting my maternal duties. The access and flexibility that Ms. Leeder provided throughout the last few months have enabled me to enjoy a stress free work environment. Most importantly, no attention was drawn to the fact that I would need to take breaks to access the lactation room. It was an added benefit that made my participation at work equitable.