Dr.Rajade Berry-James has made concerted effort to support women in the public administration program. Through finding opportunities for engaged scholarship, Dr. Berry-James has highlighted women’s issues by steering them into participation in forums where equity issues can be discussed. For example, most recently, Dr. Berry-James provided an opportunity for graduate students to participate in the Conference Of Minority Public Administrators (COMPA). Through her guidance, students will be able to write proposals and present on issues of equity.

Dr. Berry-James has impacted me by giving me an opportunity to present on topics of interest. If it weren’t for her support and accessible advice, I would never have had the opportunity to¬† find a forum where I could have equity issues discussed. Her open door policy makes it easy to have access to academic guidance and strips away any formal and informal barriers to opportunities. It is directly because of her that I have enjoyed participating in conferences and engaging in academic engagement.