The NC State Council on the Status of Women is charged with advising the Provost on matters related to the professional development and support of all NC State women on and off campus, including faculty, staff and students.

Specifically, the Council is charged with reviewing annually and reporting to the Provost on the following matters:

  1. advice related to the enhancement of an atmosphere that supports and promotes realizing the potential of all NC State women on and off campus;
  2. advice related to policy matters pertaining to women, including policies related to employment, salary equity and career mobility of faculty and staff, and to academic performance of students. In particular the Council should carefully review the equity of all NC State salaries on and off campus;
  3. advice related to women’s programs and campus activities that have an impact on NC State women on and off campus; and
  4.  advice related to campus networks for information, communication and cooperation on issues, women’s needs and opportunities for field faculty and staff and employees off campus.

The Council has the privilege of selecting its own chair and recorder for one-year terms. These terms may be renewed once.