2014-2015 Council Roster
Name Constituency Term
Alyssa Rockenbach General Faculty 2014-2015
Wenye Wang General Faculty 2014-2016
Susan Moore General Faculty 2014-2016
Whitney Jones General Faculty 2013-2015
Marie Davidian Faculty Senate 2014-2015
Debbie Allgood-Staton Chair of CSW 2013-2015
Nikki Price SPA Staff 2014-2015
Jill Schmitter SPA Staff 2014-2016
Amanda Beasley SPA Staff 2013-2015
Caren Ostrow SPA Staff 2013-2015
Nikki Cofield Staff Senate 2014-2015
Joy Tongsri EPA Staff 2014-2015
Taufika Williams EPA Staff 2013-2015
Monica Osburn EPA Staff 2014-2015
Amanda Beller EPA Staff 2014-2016
Rachel Huffman Graduate Student 2014-2015
Caitlin Evans Graduate Student Assn 2014-2015
Meredith Mason Undergraduate Student 2014-2015
Student Senate 2014-2015
Kellie Burris Walton At Large Staff 2013-2015
Jessica Hall At Large Staff 2014-2016
Julieta Sherk At Large Faculty 2013-2015
DeAnn Judge At Large Faculty 2013-2015
Tara Carr Extension Services 2013-2015
Rachel Monteverdi Extension Services 2014-2015
Ex-Officio Members
Amy Circosta OIED – EOE
Marcia Gumpertz OIED – Faculty Diversity
Deb Luckadoo OIED -Staff Diversity
Ashley Simons-Rudolph OIED -Women’s Center
Kaprina Mitchell Human Resources
Debbie Allgood-Staton Past Chair, Council on the Status of Women
Kimberly Womble Public Safety
Megan Albidrez Athletics
Betsy Brown Provost’s Office