Welcome to Discrimination and Harassment Prevention and Response Training

You Are Welcome Here!

NC State University logoThank you for accessing NC State University’s Discrimination and Harassment Prevention and Response Training, sponsored by the Equal Opportunity & Equity unit of the Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity (OIED).

It is not by chance that you are here. Your presence on this campus is an important element of making NC State a great place to work, live, and learn. We in OIED want to make sure that your experience here is welcoming and inclusive and that you do not experience being singled out or treated differently based on membership in a protected class.

How to Take This Training

This training is self-paced and self-directed. You can complete the lessons in any order you prefer, and you can come back to the training as many times as you like. However, to receive credit for completing the training, you must take the quiz at the end of each lesson to fill your book bag. Once you have successfully completed all the lessons, you automatically receive an email confirmation of completion. Completion of this training module fulfills the training requirement for employees as stated in the NC State Regulation on Discrimination and Harassment Prevention and Response Training (REG 04.25..6). This training is intended for all employees and is not a supervisor-specific approved training program.

Statement from the Chancellor

“NC State University strives to create a campus culture that values diversity and respects the inherent worth of each member of our community. As such, it is essential that NC State demonstrate its strong position against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. As Chancellor, I commit NC State to fulfilling its duties to prevent and address the intolerance and incivility that can lead to discriminatory actions, not only out of legal obligation but out of moral responsibility. I would like to remind all students, faculty, and staff that NC State will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any individual within our community, and I fully endorse the information provided in this training.”

— Randy Woodson, Chancellor