American Indian Advisory Council

Mission Statement

NC State acknowledges its mission as a land-grant university which encompasses efforts to provide outreach in the delivery of quality education to all citizens of the state of North Carolina.  In order to enhance the University’s ability to communicate and build relationships with North Carolina’s American Indian tribes and urban organizations so as to promote mutual cooperation, we seek to increase NC State University’s efforts in understanding of American Indian issues and concerns. The North Carolina State University American Indian Advisory Council (AIAC) is both an internal working group and an external advisory committee comprised of students, faculty, staff, administrators, tribal and community leaders.  This council shall advise and report to the Provost of NC State University and be convened by the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity to address the culturally relevant needs of current and future American Indian students at NC State University, and the staff and faculty serving them, as well as to promote education and self-determination of American Indian tribal communities.  It is the ultimate goal to fulfill NC State University’s mission in making it the “University of Choice” for the original people of North Carolina.

The AIAC seeks to:

  • Develop new and strengthen existing partnerships between NC State, alumni and the American Indian tribes and urban organizations of North Carolina;
  • Promote a campus climate conducive to meeting the cultural and educational needs of the American Indian community at NC State;
  • Promote collective work, expand initiatives, and strategically design new initiatives for outreach, recruitment, retention and graduation of American Indian students;
  • Promote and support academic and professional access and success of American Indian students, faculty and staff at NC State;
  • Assist NC State in seeking to strengthen the functions and services to American Indian families and communities;
  • Promote support services and educational programs that serve the needs of American Indian students;
  • Effectively share research findings and information across the university to promote strategic planning;
  • Ensure that all ten colleges at NC State are vested in initiatives and programs for recruiting, enrolling, retaining and graduating American Indian students; and,
  • Recommend and establish policies and initiatives that advance the University’s goals to create an environment where American Indian faculty, staff, and students are able to engage and strengthen their advocacy and presence on campus

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