University Diversity Mini-Grant Program Recipients, 2013-14

The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013-2014 University Diversity Mini-Grant Program:

Feeding the Pack: Addressing Food Insecurity at NCSU
Principal investigator(s): Melonie St John, Melissa Green & Peter Adams

Improve recruitment, retention and graduation of students from historically underrepresented groups
Principal investigator(s): Jennifer Scott & Kasey Ashton

Universal and Accessible Challenge Course Programming
Principal investigator(s): Jason Rich

Educating the Educated: A University-Wide Language Diversity Initiative
Principal investigator(s): Stephany Brett Dunstan, Walt Wolfram, Audrey Jaeger & Danica Cullinan

Video Biographies of Diverse STEM Faculty to Promote Awareness and to Aid Recruitment Efforts
Principal investigator(s): Wendy Krause

Scholars Preparing for Admissions and Career Exploration (SPACE) Program
Principal investigator(s): Courtney Simpson

Workshop to Workgroup
Principal investigator(s): Richard Tyler and Peter Adams

Building Community: An American Indian Summit
Principal investigator(s): Brett Locklear

iREAD: Women of Color in the Academy
Principal investigator(s): Erin Banks

Developing the Pre-College Research Training Academy (ReTA): A Pipeline Mentoring Initiative
Principal investigator(s): DeLeon Gray and Lauren Bryant

Ph.D. Preparation Program
Principal investigator(s): Roshaunda Breeden, Melusian Wright & Robert Sandruck

Lead Initiative: Linking…Empowering… Avoiding Dropout
Principal investigator(s): Anona Smith Williams

Members of the 2013-14 Review Committee

  • Tracey Ray (Chair)
  • Guadalupe Arce-Jimenez
  • Ursula Hairston
  • Monica Leach
  • Darryl Lester
  • Deb Luckadoo
  • Garry Morgan
  • Ashley Simons-Rudolph

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