University Diversity Mini-Grant Program

NC State is committed to creating and improving efforts to make our campus a diverse and inclusive community. To support these efforts, the Office of the Provost, through the Vice Provost for Institutional Equity & Diversity, is soliciting proposals for the implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives and research projects that further the academic mission of the university.

The purpose of the University Diversity Mini-Grant Program is:

  1. to encourage faculty and staff to address the campus goals for building a diverse campus community,
  2. to fund programs or research initiatives that seek innovative approaches to diversity and inclusion or seek to provide new data to support the importance of institutional diversity, and
  3. to promote the development of initiatives that foster an inclusive and welcoming environment that promotes the success of all who work and study at NC State.

Through this mini-grant program, we hope to generate ideas, foster initiatives, and stimulate educational efforts that are tailored to the needs of the various colleges and constituencies at NC State. This program seeks to engage a broader spectrum of faculty and staff in the work of making NC State University locally responsive and globally engaged.

For more information, contact Dr. Tracey Ray, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Diversity at or 919.515.9243.


Target Areas

Proposals for projects or research in one or more of the following target areas are encouraged:

  • Enhance the quality of teaching and learning about diversity;
  • Enrich the diversity experiences of all students;
  • Create a welcoming and inclusive work and learning environment where differences are respected and valued, that offers opportunity for and supports the success of all students, staff and faculty;
  • Improve recruitment, retention and graduation of students from historically underrepresented groups; and
  • Increase recruitment, retention and success of faculty from historically underrepresented groups.

A panel of faculty and staff appointed by the Vice Provost for Institutional Equity & Diversity will be charged with reviewing and submitting rankings of the proposals. It is anticipated that seven to ten proposals will receive funding during the 2017-18 academic year; however, if proposals requesting smaller amounts of funding are received, more grants may be awarded. If the committee determines that none of the proposals merit funding, it is possible that no funds will be distributed.


Mini-Grant Amounts

Proposals may request a maximum of $3,000.

A minimum 25% cost match on the entire budget is required from either internal (e.g., college, department) or external sources.

The University Diversity Mini-Grant serves as a seed grant to enhance or build an initiative. Previously funded proposals may reapply. However, proposals will only be funded for a maximum of two (2) years.

The Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity will have $25,000 to award in November 2017. These are state funds and must be spent by the receiving unit by June 15, 2018.

Previous Awardees can be viewed at:


Please consult the “University Diversity Mini-Grant Call for Proposals” when preparing your proposal. Proposals must be submitted electronically. Proposals must be submitted in their completed form (that is, with full information concerning all aspects of the initiative).

Please consult the University Diversity Mini-Grant Application Preview to see a full listing of the questions on the University Diversity Mini-Grant Application.

Electronic Mini-Grant Applications should be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, October 6, 2017. The final results will be announced to all participants by mid-November 2017.

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