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Diversity Education for our Peers to THrive (DEPTH) | Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity
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Diversity Education for our Peers to THrive (DEPTH)

The DEPTH (Diversity Education for our Peers to THrive) program is a student initiative dedicated to facilitating conversations among the student body about various issues of diversity, prominent and emerging social issues and complex problems. DEPTH contributes to the goal of fostering an inclusive campus community that values and demonstrates cultural competence through the promotion and engagement of intellectual co-curricular experiences characterized by open dialogue that deepens one’s understanding of diversity, difference and privilege while promoting respect for commonalities and difference in historical, cultural, global and domestic contexts.


An inclusive community with a deep understanding of cultural differences and perspectives and an enhanced concept of citizenship within local and global societal contexts.


To enhance the NC State community by engaging students in the creation and support of accessible, diverse and inclusive multicultural environments. We deliver on that commitment by striving to foster spaces that encourage meaningful, transformative dialogue.

Facilitation Requests

DEPTH peer educators have a keen knowledge that enables them to guide developmental and productive dialogue workshops and training on issues regarding diversity, inclusion and social justice. Throughout the academic year, DEPTH peer educators are specially trained about concepts such as social identity, power, privilege, difference and oppression as well as in the art of facilitation.

Cultural Competence 101

The goal of this workshop is for participants to have productive dialogue regarding intercultural communication in a safe environment. Participants will gain a heightened sense of awareness of their own cultural identity, increase their knowledge of cultures different from their own and build skills that will lead to more effective cross-cultural exchanges.Topics covered include addressing and navigating cultural differences, understanding complexities of identity and creating a basic grasp of intersectionality.

Death by a Million Papercuts

The purpose of this workshop is to engage students in recognizing microaggressions and when they occur. Participants are encouraged to acknowledge the impact of microaggressions by participating in productive dialogue. This workshop also allows participants to develop skills that enable them to confront microaggressions when they occur in a productive and respectful manner. In addition, participants will identify terms and phrases that are respectful and inclusive of various identity groups.

Barbara Love's Liberatory Consciousness

The purpose of this workshop is to engage participants in Barbara Love’s “liberatory consciousness” framework, enabling them to understand and engage in everyday social justice thinking and action. The framework encourages people to view social justice work from a unique perspective. Participants will form an expanded community, discover ways in which they can unravel power structures and use critical thinking and communication to escape implicit bias.

Challenging Oppressive Systems

The purpose of the workshop is to show students the importance of challenging the current state of affairs and people in positions of authority for the sake of addressing important societal problems and to give them tools, such as communication and collaboration skills, to accomplish these changes. Participants will learn to identify situations in which change is needed, gain interpersonal communication skills for difficult conversations, adopt strategies for overcoming barriers to enacting change and practice creative techniques of expressing opinions. They will also learn methods unique to NC State in challenging oppressive systems.

Identity Compass

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Moving Forward, Forward Thinking

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Keeping it Real Game Facilitation

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To adequately prepare for a facilitation, we must receive your request at least two weeks before the desired date of facilitation. DEPTH-facilitated workshops are at least 50 minutes long but can be customized to accommodate extended time periods.