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Facts and Figures | Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity
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The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity compiles the following data for the campus community.

Reports include campus demographics and data on faculty diversity topics.

Faculty Diversity Data

Faculty Retention and Promotion
Faculty Salary Equity Studies

The intent of NC State’s salary equity studies is to determine whether disparities in faculty salaries due to race or gender exist at NC State. The aim is to uncover any systemic disparities affecting groups of faculty, and to address them. NC State conducted salary equity studies annually from sometime in the early 1980’s to 2000. Starting with data for Fall 2000, equity studies have been completed on a three-year cycle; studies were completed in 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2012. The salary equity study of 2009 was not completed due to freezes on faculty salaries at that time.