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Part of the mission of the GLBT Center is to provide ongoing support for GLBT faculty and staff on campus. To fulfill that mission, the GLBT Center coordinates the GLBT Faculty and Staff Network in order to provide an opportunity for GLBT faculty and staff to connect and form community, to supply informal and formal feedback about campus climate, to support and mentor GLBT students, and to connect with prospective GLBT faculty and staff members.


The Network meets once a month. Check our calendar for meeting details. If you would like to join the Network, please contact Preston Keith, Assistant Director of the GLBT Center.

If you are a prospective GLBT faculty or staff member and you would like to know more about NC State, being out on campus, the local community, or anything else, please feel free to email Preston Keith, Assistant Director of the GLBT Center, with questions. Also, if you would like to connect informally with GLBT faculty and staff during your campus interview, please feel free to contact Preston to schedule a meet-and-greet.

GLBT Faculty & Staff Profiles

The following video profiles some of our out GLBT faculty and staff here at NC State University. This video not only shows our welcoming and diverse employees but also shows students, and potential future students, our accepting community.

Meet Our Members

Part of our goal is to increase the visibility of GLBT faculty and staff. Click on the tabs below to find out where our members are at on campus.


Brian Herring, Biomanufacturing Training & Education Center Instructional Media Developer (Gender Pronouns: He/him/his)

Campus Life

Dylan Morris, Conference & Guest Services Manager (Gender Pronouns: He/him/his)
John Starbuck, Marketing Manager


Justine Hollingshead, Chief of Staff for the Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Division of Academic and Student Affairs (Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers)


Hailey Queen, Coordinator of Engineering First Year Programs (Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers)

Faculty Affairs

Katharine E. Stewart, Professor & Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (Gender Pronouns: She/her/hers)

Friday Institute

Mark Samberg, Project Manager – Technology Innovations (Gender Pronouns: He/him/his)


Tim Blair, Associate Director (Gender Pronouns: He/him/his)


Seth Sullivant, Professor (Gender Pronouns: He/him/his)


Daniel Sink, IT Security Specialist (Gender Pronouns: They/them/theirs)

NC State Faculty Ombuds

The faculty ombuds is a confidential resource, a sounding board that also provides information, discusses University policies and procedures, and helps faculty resolve situations early. Faculty who have questions or would like to discuss a work-related situation confidentially are encouraged to contact Roy Baroff, the faculty ombuds. For more information, click here to visit the faculty ombuds website.