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Bringing Awareness and Advocacy to Your Residence Hall

Are you looking to engage your residents around issues of diversity and GLBT identities? The GLBT Center has you covered! Here you will find resources geared towards residence halls. We have multiple bulletin-boards-in-a-box that you can print and display in your hall. You can also request a presentation or host a discussion/workshop. To request any of the materials or presentations below, please email the GLBT Center at with the title of the bulletin board in a box or presentation that you would like.

The GLBT Center has created several different Bulletin-Boards-In-A-Box for use in residence halls across campus. Departments may also display the bulletin boards as a way to share information about the GLBT Center and raise awareness about GLBT issues. Click on the link above and complete the online request form if you would like a copy of the materials below. Fill out the Education Request Form if you would like one of our Bulletin-Boards-In-A-Box.


GLBT Trivia Anti-GLBT Violence and Discrimination
How to Become a Better Ally GLBT Center Information and Resources
Sexually Transmitted Infections

Future display options will include:

What is intersectionality? History of the Fight for Transgender Equality
History of Marriage Equality Coming Out in College: Strategies and Considerations
LGBTQ Identities and Language What are gender inclusive restrooms and why should I want them?
What does it mean to be inclusive?
Are you interested in an overview of issues related to gender and sexuality? Request a presentation! These one-hour workshops will engage your residents in discussion about what it means to be an ally, the issues faced by GLBT students, and how to create a more inclusive living-learning environment. Fill out the Education Request Form to host a workshop.

Workshop Topics Include:

Becoming a Better Ally Understanding Gender and Sexuality
GLBT Around the World Coming Out: A Glimpse of the Impact
GLBT Youth: The Current Picture Microaggressions: Death by a Million Papercuts

Future Workshops:

Performing Identity: GLBT History and the Arts GLBT Youth: Promoting Resilience and Increasing Strengths
Find the Heterosexism! Identifying Problematic Behavior Understanding Privilege: What It Means to be Straight and Cisgender
Wake County Human Services also offered a variety of educational presentation. The Health Promoter can speak on issues such as reproductive health, STIs, safer sex practices, pregnancy prevention, substance use and mental health. For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact Angelyn Fánlo.