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Native American Student Affairs

Native American Student Affairs (ONASA) researches, designs and implements unique programs that promote the pursuit of academic success, retention and graduation of students, with an emphasis on Native American students. Many of the programs and services expand students’ cultural horizon while honoring their respective cultural experiences. Native American Student Affairs resides in the Department of Multicultural Student Affairs. Multicultural Student Affairs works in conjunction with a number of university departments and colleges to conduct programs related to recruitment, orientation, retention and graduation in addition to academic, personal, professional and cultural development, which foster skills and strategies for being successful at N.C. State. Some of the programs and services of Native American Student Affairs include the following: Native American Symposium, Peer Mentor Program, Native American Heritage Month, A.S.A.P.- Academic Success Assistance Program, Freshman Honors Convocation, annual POW WOW, Student Leadership Development and Student Organization Advising.

Cultural Awareness and Reaffirmation

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month is dedicated to recognizing and honoring Indigenous cultures across the country. During this month at NC State, Multicultural Student Affairs hosts a myriad of events for Native students to celebrate their unique and vibrant traditions and tribes. Some of these signature events include the Indigenous Speakers Series, Native American Culture Night, and the Dreamcatcher Workshop. Though Native American Heritage Month is certainly a time for Native students to honor their respective cultures, it is also for the larger campus community to come together to learn more about Native tribes and communities. We invite you to join us in the commemoration of this month! Native American Heritage Month at NC State is from November 1- November 30.

Native American Pow Wow

Powwows are social gatherings of hundreds of Native Americans who follow dances started centuries ago by their ancestors and that continually evolve to include contemporary aspects. Powwows have deep historical roots, going back to the early to mid-19th century when huge summer gatherings of tribes were held on the plains. These events of feasting, drum music and dance are attended by Natives and non-Natives, all of whom join in the dancing and take advantage of the opportunity to see old friends and teach the traditional ways to a younger generation. To learn more, click here.


Student Organization Advising

Native American Student Association (NASA)

NASA was formed to create a community among the Native American Students here at NC State. Our aim is to focus on the cultures of our ancestors and to enrich awareness of others on the campus and the surrounding community. NASA is open to all people of all races who want to learn more about the indigenous people of this land and we welcome you to join us.

To learn more, click here.

University Housing: Native Space

Students living in the Native Space community will demonstrate growth and learning along three focal points of the living experience: culture, academics and community engagement. Residents will find a deeper awareness of Native American history and drive cultural awareness through participation in Native American Heritage Month and the annual NC State Pow Wow.

  • A deeper awareness of Native American history & culture
  • Academic and professional development workshops
  • Build strong, mutually supportive relationships with fellow Native students
  • Foster mentoring relationships with staff, faculty and alumni committed to serving Native American students

Location: Wood Residence Hall

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Jasmine Bullard
Society President