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About NCBI

The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) has conducted programs on hundreds of college and university campuses across North American and the Pacific. They have launched campus affiliates on sixty campuses where faculty, students, and administrators have made an institutional commitment to using NCBI programs as a mechanism to provide an ongoing response to discrimination, oppression and handling controversial issues. More recently, the Carolina Diversity Training Coalition was also formed.

NCBI participantsAn NCBI campus affiliate is made up of a team of students, faculty and staff from various disciplines who provide a powerful leadership resource for the campus. The team provides pro-active workshops to improve the overall campus climate for diversity by building a more inclusive environment and teaches how to effectively shift prejudicial attitudes and be powerful allies for one another. The team is also trained to intervene when tough intergroup conflict arises on the campus or between the campus and the community.  (See also Community Crisis Response.)

An NCBI affiliate is launched with a 3-day “Train-the-Trainer Seminar.” In this seminar, participants learn how to lead the award-winning NCBI Prejudice Reduction Workshop and learn the NCBI Controversial Issue Process. Following this seminar, a campus affiliate director is selected in consultation with the institution. The person serves as the liaison with the NCBI National Office and provides the leadership for the campus team. The team director receives monthly telephone support and supervision from the NCBI Campus Program Director.

NC State University launched its campus affiliate in March 2001. Thirty-three NC State University team members were trained to facilitate the NCBI Prejudice Reduction Workshop on our campus. Our campus director is Beverly Jones Williams, 919-513-3836.