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From Our Participants
The following are comments from participant evaluations following the NCBI Building Bridges: Strengthening Leadership for Diverse Communities Workshop at NC State University:
  • “Good team building and good for comfort level among peers.”
  • “Awareness of “social records” is important.”
  • “Gave people a chance to voice issues when they otherwise may not have the opportunity.”
  • “The activities were interesting, especially the First Thoughts piece.”
  • “Very valuable course. I feel I can open up to people more effectively now.”
  • “Presenters really made it comfortable to speak freely and helped bring issues out.”
  • “This workshop should be mandatory for all NC State workers.”
  • “Loved personal testimonies.”
  • “Great opportunity to practice effective techniques! Thanks.”
  • “I enjoyed this so much and I will definitely recommend this to everyone.”
  • “The workshop most definitely increased my knowledge regarding diversity.”
  • “I feel this is very educational and something that would open others’ eyes to the world (people
    around them).”
  • “I became more aware of stereotypes, prejudices and I know how to approach them.”
  • “Excellent training!!!”
  • “I felt welcomed.”
  • “I liked how we were able to share anything and feel comfortable about it.”
  • “This is a great way to promote awareness.”
  • “Great course!”
  • “Highly recommend this workshop, and I wish more of my friends were here.”
  • “The workshop opens ones eyes to more diversity.”
  • “This was a great workshop and I learned so much!”
  • “The workshop increased my knowledge most on the impact of discrimination.”
  • “I enjoyed all the interactive parts.”
  • “The instructors were outstanding!”
  • “The role plays were fun and an interactive way of learning.”
  • “Thank you!”
  • “Great workshop – I enjoyed the activities and interaction with people in class.”
  • “This workshop helped me to realize many new ways to help bring people together.”
  • “The facilitators were great and they were open and they made it a comfortable environment to discuss race issues.”
  • “I am more aware of my own prejudices and am able to confront these attitudes in a productive manner.”