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NCBI's Theory and Philosophy | National Coalition Building Institute
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Theory and Philosophy

The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) has conducted peer training to transform communities and organizations around the world. Below are the operational assumptions underlying NCBI programs:

  1. Training teams of peer leaders is the most effective way to empower people to take leadership in reducing racism and other forms of discrimination.
  2. Programs to welcome diversity require an ongoing institutional effort.
  3. The establishment of proactive training programs that build strong inter-group relations are more effective than programs that respond to specific incidents of racism or crises.
  4. Programs that welcome diversity need to include all of the visible and invisible differences found in a workplace or community.
  5. Diversity training programs that are based on guilt, moralizing, or condemnation often rigidify prejudicial attitudes.
  6. Anti-racism programs are most effectively conducted with a hopeful, upbeat tone.

Please see the national NCBI website for more detailed explanations of each of these principles.