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Recruiting Diverse Faculty Program | Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity
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NC State strives to recruit the best and most diverse faculty possible.

Recruiting Diverse Faculty Program

The Recruiting Diverse Faculty (RDF) program aims to increase the diversity of the faculty that NC State departments recruit, with particular focus on groups that are historically underrepresented in their discipline. The RDF program engages faculty in discussions about the role of diversity in their department’s research, teaching, outreach and service responsibilities and provides resources for attracting diverse candidates to NC State and current research about best practices for group decision-making.


RDF offers summer workshops for deans and department heads and a semester-long process and training for search committees.

Summer Workshop for Deans and Department Heads: This workshop helps deans and department heads lay the groundwork for constructing a search process that will attract a diverse applicant pool. Important areas of consideration are the composition of the search committee, the dean or department head’s charge to the committee, developing an inclusive position description, and establishing an on-going discussion about diversity among the dean, department head, search committee and departmental voting faculty. This is a 1.5-hour workshop. Contact the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED) for offerings.

Semester-Long Process for Search Committees: Search committees that participate in RDF meet with RDF facilitators twice during the search process and provide feedback about their search process.

  • Meeting 1 takes place at the first meeting of the search committee. At this meeting, the RDF team facilitates a discussion about the academic case for faculty diversity, how diversity fits into the goals of the search and provides suggestions and tools for promoting the position to a broad audience of potential applicants. At this meeting, the associate vice provost for equal opportunity provides a search committee orientation that covers the roles and responsibilities of search committee members to ensure compliance with federal and state equal opportunity regulations.
  • Meeting 2 takes place just before the search committee develops a list of candidates to consider further. This meeting explores current research on the effects of unconscious bias on decision-making, developing criteria and a candidate evaluation form and hosting a welcoming campus visit.
  • The RDF team solicits feedback about the process from participating search committee chairs. OIED collects information on the demographics of the applicant and finalist pools and the faculty hired by the participating departments.

Workshop on Developing a Departmental Plan for Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Faculty: Engaging faculty in developing a plan with concrete action steps has proven to be a most effective strategy. This 1-hour workshop can be tailored to be presented to a group of department heads and deans or to a departmental faculty meeting.


The RDF program is managed by OIED with assistance and advice from two groups: a group of faculty advocates and facilitators and an advisory team. These teams of faculty serve as the “brains behind” RDF, making the program relevant to the cultures of the programs that we serve. The two teams meet monthly to discuss new literature on best practices for faculty searches and unconscious bias, review new materials and approaches, train facilitators, assess the impact of the program and adjust the program content and operations. The RDF faculty advocates and facilitators attend RDF workshops to contribute to the discussions or co-facilitate the workshops as their schedules permit on a volunteer basis.

Contact: Stephanie Helms Pickett, associate vice provost for diversity engagement, training and education