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NC State provides a wealth of resources for faculty, staff and students.

Diversity Resources

NC State has many resources available to assist you with diversity needs. If you have a question concerning diversity at NC State or need help with diversity efforts outside OIED, please use the following resources:

Outreach, Extension and Access

As a land-grant institution, North Carolina State University has the mission to serve the state of North Carolina and all its citizens. This page describes programs related to diversity that reach out to the people of North Carolina and increase access to higher education, promote economic development, or help educate the diverse off-campus populations of North Carolina.

Access Programs

Extension Programs

Outreach Programs

Diversity Research, Evaluation and Impact

It is important for the success of diversity initiatives that campuses assess the effectiveness of their efforts. It is also essential to convey the results of research to the general public to increase awareness of and support for diversity in higher education. This section includes research and assessment information about diversity programs and practices in higher education.

Faculty Mentoring, Retention and Exit

Faculty Mentoring

Faculty Retention

Faculty Exit Survey

Resources for Women

There are many resources and groups on campus devoted to promoting the careers, well-being and health of student, staff and faculty women. There are several organizations and centers devoted to gender issues, such as the NC State Women’s Center, the Council on the Status of Women and the Association of Women Faculty. In addition, there are several student organizations devoted to careers in science, engineering and management for women. These organizations provide ways to meet other women in specific fields and learn about career opportunities. Opportunities for leadership training, library and curricular resources for studying women and gender and programs devoted to women’s health are listed. Also included are NC State organizations for faculty and staff women whose aims are to improve the climate for women at NC State and to increase the representation of women among the faculty.

Women’s Organizations and Centers

Professional Organizations and Academic Programs

Leadership Training for Women

Resources for Parents and Families

Other Resources

  • Title IX at NC State prohibits sex discrimination in all university programs and activities. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX.
Learning Tools

There are many different ways NC State students, faculty and staff can become involved and promote diversity on campus. One of the easiest ways is to get to know someone whom you perceive as being different from you. Trying to see the world from their point of view will expand your world view. The following list of resources will enhance your awareness, knowledge and understanding of diversity on our campus and in society.

Assessments & Readings