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Safe at NC State


As a community, we must all make ending sex discrimination a priority. However, some individuals have been identified as having specific responsibility for reporting any behavior that has the potential to be discriminatory or harassing.


A responsible employee includes any employee:

  • who has the authority to take action to redress sex discrimination;
  • who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sex discrimination or any other misconduct, to the Title IX coordinator or other appropriate school designee; or
  • an employee whom a person could reasonably believe has this authority or duty.

Unsure if the person you’re speaking to is a responsible employee? Follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Ask. RE’s are trained to identify their responsibilities and tell you if they are required to report.
  2. Look for the Responsible Employee placard on the person’s door, laptop or elsewhere in their office or cubicle.
  3. For questions about responsible employee status, please contact OIED at 919.513.0574.


Responsible employees at NC State have been identified as the following individuals:

  • All vice chancellors, associate and assistant vice chancellors.
  • The provost, senior vice provosts, vice provosts and associate vice provosts.
  • Colleges: All deans, associate and assistant deans, department heads, associate department heads, directors of graduate programs and selected service professionals, academic advisors, program directors and student career counselors as identified by the college’s dean.
  • Division of Academic and Student Affairs: All personnel and all faculty/staff advisors to registered/recognized student organizations, with the exception of Student Health Services, Counseling Center professional staff and pastoral counselors, administrative assistants and finance employees.
  • International Affairs: All professional staff.
  • Enrollment Management and Services: Selected personnel as identified by the vice provost for enrollment management and services and the university registrar.
  • Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity: All professional staff.
  • Park Scholarships: All professional staff.
  • Goodnight Scholars Program: All professional staff.
  • Caldwell Fellows: All professional staff.
  • Athletics: All directors, coaches and trainers.
  • Centers and Institutes: Selected personnel as identified by the vice chancellor for research, innovation and economic development, the executive vice chancellor and provost and deans having supervisory authority over the center or institute.
  • Environmental Health and Public Safety: Selected personnel as identified by the associate vice chancellor for environmental health and public safety.
  • University Police: All personnel.
  • Campus Enterprises: Selected personnel as identified by the associate vice chancellor for campus enterprises.
  • Human Resources: Selected personnel as identified by the associate vice chancellor for human resources.