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Mission, Vision and Values | Women's Center
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Women's Center
Women's Center
Mission, Vision and Goals

Mission: We build and create a community of authentic and engaged allies and leaders to pursue gender equity and social justice, enhancing the campus climate through education, advocacy, support and leadership development.

Vision: The NC State Women’s Center serves as a resource and catalyst using evidence-based practices for transformative learning on both the individual and institutional level around issues of gender, equity and interpersonal violence.


  • Create and sustain a “just” community for critical reflection and discourse in an environment that affirms all identities and cultivates connections and relationships;
  • Provide opportunities for counter-storytelling and authentic learning by providing links between systemic issues as well as academic and real life experiences;
  • Provide intentional opportunities through events, trainings, workshops and student advisement that encourage participants to question their assumptions and beliefs;
  • Provide support, resources and advocacy, creating culture change around interpersonal violence;
  • Serve as a connection for the campus and external community by providing guidance, training and resources around gender and equity;
  • Serve as a catalyst for community engagement to put into action social justice education locally and globally;
  • Transform systems by advising administrators and the campus community to inform policy on issues of social justice, gender and equity.


Please see our most recent annual report and assessment report: