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Participant Information
Accommodations for individuals with disabilities: Individuals with disabilities desiring accommodations to participate in these activities, please contact our office at least two weeks prior to each workshop. NC State takes seriously its obligation to accommodate the known disabilities of its faculty, staff, students, and guests. Our goal is to make the campus a place where all can participate in a barrier-free environment.
Required Courses
You must attend one of each of the following 3 required workshops.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Fundamentals in Equal Opportunity

Applied Skills in Equal Opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunity Institute (EEOI)
(This course is intended for employees and can substitute for the previous 3 required courses plus 1 elective. Preference is given to Managers and Supervisors.)
Please see current offerings eLearning.

Elective Courses
You must attend a minimum of 7 of the following elective workshops.
Participants who attend 3 or more additional elective workshops will receive special recognition.

Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that you can receive LDS credit for attending the workshop.
Please note: Workshop registration is monitored five (5) working days before each class. Each class must have a minimum of 10 participants; classes that do not meet the minimum are subject to cancellation.
Affirmative Action in Employment
The Crosswalk of Identity: Exploring Intersectionality in a Socio-Legal Context No current offerings.
Class Inequality and the Quest for Equal Opportunity
The EEOC (Equal Opportunity Employment Commission)
Exploring Oppression

Fair Housing

Generations at Work

Green Zone Training
FULL! - Thu, 09/29/2016 (10:00 am- 12:00 pm), Talley Student Union, Room 3222

Interpersonal and Sexual Violence in the GLBT Community

Intersectionality in the GLBT Community
No current offerings.
Leading a Diverse Workforce
Legacies + Layers = Lenses
(Campus Diversity Conflicts: Methods for Managing the Unmanageable)

A Multicultural Perspective on Suicide Prevention No current offerings.
Not Driven By Desire: Understanding Asexual and Aromantic Relationships
Project Safe

The Protected Class of Age
The Protected Class of Disability
The Protected Class of National Origin
The Protected Classes of Race and Color
The Protected Class of Religion
The Protected Class of Sex
The Protected Class of Veteran Status
Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions

Sitting with Privilege
Special Topics for Managers & Supervisors No current offerings.
The Spectrum of Sex: Exploring Intersex Identities and the Relationship to Gender
Transgender 101

Title IX: Gender Equity in Higher Education
Unconscious Bias

What is Racial Justice?
Building Bridges: Strengthening Leadership for Diverse Communities: Parts I & II (NCBI)

(counts as 3 electives)

Building Bridges: Leading Diverse Groups Through Conflict

LDS: Building Bridges: Strengthening Leadership for Diverse Communities: Part I (NCBI)*

LDS: Building Bridges: Strengthening Leadership for Diverse Communities: Part II (NCBI)* No current offerings.
LDS: Building Bridges: Leading Diverse Groups Through Conflict (NCBI)*

LDS: Cross Cultural Communication*

LDS: Leadership & Social Justice*

LDS: Leadership Tools for Women*

LDS: Privilege, Power and Leading in a Diverse Environment *

LDS: Working with Diverse Populations*
Optional Events
We look forward to seeing you at these complimentary events for EOI participants.

No current offerings.

No current offerings.
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