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One of the most important activities in the life of the university is hiring its faculty and staff. Candidates selected for hire form the foundation and the future of the university simultaneously. Every job on campus contributes to creating and maintaining an environment in which students and employees feel welcome to live, learn, and work. How successful we are at maintaining the inclusive balance in the environment directly impacts our ability to retain quality students, faculty, and staff. Use the resources below to help guide you through a successful search process.

Affirmative Action programs have been used by employers for many years to attain the kind of diverse work force that reflects their consumer or constituent base and helps them compete effectively in a multiracial, international business environment. Affirmative action in employment involves active recruitment of women, minorities, persons with disabilities, and veterans by looking for candidates beyond informal job networks traditionally dominated by white males.  Affirmative action encourages the public advertisement of jobs to identify qualified candidates in places where employers might not otherwise look. In good faith efforts, organizations often set goals to diversify their work force by a certain date, which encourage managers to make concerted efforts to cast a wide net in favor of qualified minorities or women. Although such measures are often confused with “quotas,” these “goals and timetables” do not mandate the hiring or promotion of a specific number of minority or female candidates. Quotas are not legal, not tolerable, and are not affirmative action.

NC State Equal Opportunity and Equity Guidelines

Equal Opportunity & Equity Guidelines – April 2015


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