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Classroom Workshops at NC State

  • Employees may register for Fundamentals in Equal Opportunity (OEO074) in eLearning, through MyPack Portal, to satisfy NC State’s DHPR training requirement. Supervisors may register for DHPR Supervisor training (DHPR02), when offered. If you are interested in attending a supervisors’ class, please contact Robinette Kelley at 513.0574 or via email.
  • Sessons for students or student groups may be scheduled upon request by contacting Robinette Kelley.

Online Workshop for NC State Employees and Students

  • Online DHPR Training (This resource is open to NC State employees and students. If you are not affiliated with NC State and are interested in taking this training, or purchasing the training module, please contact Robinette Kelly.)

Harassment Complaint Resolution Procedures

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