About Us

The Faculty Diversity Group catalyzes, facilitates and supports campus efforts throughout the university to effect culture change, increase the diversity, promote the success, and develop and sustain an inclusive and welcoming climate for all faculty. We coordinate and facilitate communication and collaboration among diverse faculty, staff, and students, university officials, and community members outside the university, work to ensure that university policies and practices support the needs and professional development of its diverse faculty, provide information and programs to assist faculty with recruiting and developing the climate within their units, and provides regular assessments of the status and trends of faculty demographics, climate and work environment. The Faculty Diversity Group supports diversity throughout the educational pipeline to graduate school and the professoriate, inclusiveness in the classroom culture and cultural understanding in the curriculum at NC State, providing resources and facilitating training for faculty and staff who work with diverse students. We promote a comprehensive approach to diversity, engaging and coordinating with faculty throughout the university with working groups, committees, and core programming.

Our vision is to increase faculty diversity and promote a hospitable climate that supports the success of all faculty at NC State.

Human Rights Day 2011-M


  • Increase the representation, retention, and success of African American, American Indian, Hispanic, women, and people with disabilities in the faculty in fields where they are underrepresented.
  • Make faculty, postdoctoral and graduate student working conditions at NC State more compatible with home and family responsibilities.
  • Promote inclusiveness, intercultural understanding and interaction within academic departments across the university.
  • Infuse diversity into the curriculum and educate faculty on building inclusive classrooms.
  • Assess the status and trends of faculty diversity and the effectiveness of our efforts.

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