Below you will find data and reports on current faculty demographics, climate, and programs at NC State University. We display current data as well as trends that have persisted over the years at this institution. The data and reports provide a foundation for best practices to support faculty at all stages of their careers.


Diversity Fact Books and Status Reports, 2008-2011

The 2010-11 Diversity Fact Book compiles information about student demographics, admissions, graduation rates, retention and survey results and about faculty and staff demographics, hiring, retention and survey results.




The Status Reports provide information specifically about African American, Native American, and Hispanic/Latino students and faculty.

African American Status Reports

Native American Status Reports

Hispanic/Latino Status Reports

Faculty Retention and Promotion

2012-13 GLBT Climate Survey Report

 College campuses strive to provide optimal learning for students and professional development for faculty, staff, and administrators. However, for individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT), college campuses can sometimes be a frightening, threatening, and unsafe place.





The purpose of the climate survey was to find the perceptions, either positive or negative, which GLBT individuals have regarding their experiences at NC State. This survey was a needs assessment to understand the current campus and incorporated both quantitative and qualitative methods in order to achieve this goal.

Climate Survey Full Report Fall 2013

Faculty Salary Equity Studies

The intent of NCSU’s salary equity studies is to determine whether disparities in faculty salaries due to race or gender exist at NC State. The aim is to uncover any systemic disparities affecting groups of faculty, and to address these.  NCSU has an impressive history of doing salary equity studies annually. They were done annually from sometime in the early 1980’s to 2000. Starting with data for Fall 2000, equity studies have been done on a three-year cycle; studies were completed in 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2012. The salary equity study of 2009 was not completed due to freezes on faculty salaries at that time. The 2006 and 2001 reports are available upon request to





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