Faculty Exit Survey

Dear Colleague:

On behalf of North Carolina State University, I want to thank you for the contributions you made during your employment with the University. As you leave the University, we ask that you participate in our confidential faculty exit survey. PleaseĀ take the Faculty Exit Survey. A password is required to take the survey. Please contact Marcia Gumpertz (gumpertz@ncsu.edu) to obtain the password.

The University wants to better understand what faculty value most in their workplace and why they leave. We would appreciate your honest responses to all of the questions on this form, but you may choose to respond to only some if you wish. You are not required to complete this questionnaire and it will not affect your employment record in any way.

The information you furnish is confidential and will be used in summary form as a means to identify patterns or trends in the work environment at the University.

If you prefer to share this information with someone in person, please contact Marcia Gumpertz at gumpertz@ncsu.eduĀ or (919) 515-7826. Thank you for completing the survey and we wish you every success in the future.

Marcia Gumpertz

Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity


Privacy and Confidentiality Statement
We are interested in identifying opportunities to improve the work environment at NC State. Please respond to each of the exit survey questions with honesty and candor. Summaries of exit questionnaire responses are collated annually and submitted to the appropriate Dean’s or Vice Chancellor’s office to determine factors that contribute to turnover. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. All responses, including any personal information you provide, will be kept strictly confidential. Your input will only be used in combination with the responses of others participating in the survey. Your individual responses are not shown to anyone.

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