Non-Tenure Track Faculty Community

The Non-Tenure Track Faculty Community is an informal discussion group open to all faculty, with a special emphasis on issues of importance to non-tenure track faculty. The learning community meets approximately three times each semester to discuss topics related to faculty life and professional development. It provides an informal setting to meet other faculty and discuss issues of common interest to those in non-tenure track positions. The intent is to enhance faculty experience and provide an ongoing discussion group. Each meeting will focus on a different aspect of faculty experience and help make connections with people in many different spheres of the university.


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Strengthening your SME to Enhance your NTT Career

 September 22, 2015. 3:00-4:15. 405 Clark Hall. The Statement of Mutual Expectations (SME) is a crucial document to describe the expectations for your contributions in teaching, research, extension, and service. Together with the annual faculty activity report, it provides the principal basis for annual evaluation of your performance and is a key document used in the promotion process. In this seminar, we will discuss what might be included in the SME and what type of language and level of detail should be used. Example SME’s will be shared to spark discussion about how to develop an SME document that documents your contribution and enables you to educate your colleagues about your responsibilities. Instructor: Lisa Bullard

Using Learning Analytics to Make Informed Choices about your Teaching

October 7, 2015. 10:00-11:15. 405 Clark Hall. Is anyone watching the videos I post? Are my review quizzes helping students to prepare for my tests? Are there particular areas of my website that struggling students aren’t using to their full capacity? Moodle generates copious amounts of data about students; their log in times, where on the Moodle site they visited, how long they stayed. Can any of this information help to predict student success? What choices might we make differently if we consulted our analytics? Fulfills Certificate of Reflective Teaching requirement: Assessment.  Instructors: Ashley Grantham and Erin Robinson.

Non-tenure Track Faculty Members at NC State: A Conversation with Dr. Katharine Stewart

October 23, 2015. 3:00-4:15. 405 Clark Hall. The role of non-tenure track faculty members is an essential one on our campus, however, each department has different structure and expectations around these important roles. Come discuss with Vice Provost Katharine Stewart the role of non-tenure track faculty members on our campus, and share with her your thoughts about how NC State can support non-tenure track faculty members’ professional development throughout their careers.


Past Workshops


October 10, 2014. Better Response in Less Time: Three Digitally-Enabled Methods for Responding to and Evaluating Student Writing. Chris Anson, Distinguished University Professor of English and Director of the Campus Writing & Speaking Program.

February 11, 2015.  NTT Career Progression at NC State. Betsy E. Brown, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, and Barbara Carroll, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
February 25, 2015. Information Session on Non-Tenure Track Faculty Promotions, Betsy E. Brown, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
March 3, 2015. Creating a Professional Online Presence as an Academic. ]Jessalyn Strauss, Assistant Professor of Communication, Elon University.

February 10, 2014. Positioning yourself as a leader on the non-tenure track

February 27, 2014. General Information Sessions for the 2014-2015 Non-Tenure Track Promotion Process

March 4, 2014. Discussing promotion with your department head.  

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