OIED Faculty Liaisons

Faculty Liaisons to the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity

The Faculty Liaisons serve as an important resource in OIED’s efforts to foster an inclusive and welcoming campus climate, enhance the university’s ability to recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff, and support ongoing university efforts to increase the cultural competence of NC State students. Faculty Liaisons serve a renewable one-year term and have been instrumental in several exciting initiatives.

2015-16 Faculty Liaisons

  • Robin Abrams, Head, School of Architecture
  • Joel Ducoste, Professor of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.
  • Montserrat Fuentes, Professor of Statistics and Department Head.
  • Ann Ross, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Mary Wyer, Associate Professor of Psychology and Women’s And Gender Studies.

2015-16 Faculty Liaison Annual Reports

2015-16 Annual Reports

Joel Ducoste

This year, I continued with the PROF program and tried to identified and mentor students outside the university as well as internal to the university. I visited two universities; one I returned to from last year (Howard) and a new one (University Maryland at Baltimore County). I am mentoring two students from Morehouse (one that is interested in electrical engineering and one interested in environmental engineering). The Environmental engineer will be working with me this summer on a 6 week research experience. In addition, I have given a seminar to a minority graduate student association (MEGSA) and externally to Durham tech. For some reason, I think the lectures that I’m giving at the different universities I visited so far are getting to other students at other universities that I have not visited. Students are emailing me for advice and mentorship. I am more convinced that the path forward is through caring, encouraging, and advising. If possible, I would like to visit two other new universities next fall (Xavier University and Prairie University). In addition, I hope to become the chair of the demographics and membership committee of the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP). As part of that society, I hope to develop programs to increase underrepresented groups in environmental engineering and science. While it is for a specific discipline, I hope to incorporate stuff from PROF and new ideas that may also be helpful to a broader set of disciplines.

Ann Ross

As the new Director of the Forensic Sciences Institute, one of my key activities is for retention of diverse faculty and engage diverse faculty from many disciplines. In addition, as the new Cluster Leader for the Chancellor’s Faculty of Excellence Hires I will be actively working to pursue diverse faculty for our two remaining forensic science positions.

At the national level I have been addressing gender and diversity inequality in forensic science. The American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) is the premiere national and international multidisciplinary professional organization that provides leadership and advance scientific knowledge as it relates to the legal system.  Historically, the leadership positions in many of the disciplines of the forensic sciences have been led by men of European-American ancestry even though the composition of students and professionals over more than a decade have been women. In fact, the estimates are as high as 95% women. The Anthropology Section boasts to be one of the fastest growing sections in the Academy with over five hundred members, but the number of women of color can be counted in one hand. I would like to promote and support women and diversity in science by working with AAFS and their Young Forensic Scientist Forum (YFSF) to develop a symposium to mentor students and young professionals on how to maneuver the complexity of promotion/tenure and as professionals in the laboratory.  Abstracts are due August 1.  I was active at AAFS in discussing workshop proposal and received very positive feedback and encouragement. I also recruited several colleagues to present during this workshop including our very own Mary Wyer. In addition, I am submitting a proposal for half-day symposium at AAFS on Women in Science and how to succeed in forensic science. I have a track record of mentoring students and young professionals through YFSF and AAFS.

2014-15 Year in Review

OIED 2015 Faculty Liaisons

Current and recent Faculty Liaison initiatives

2014-15 OIED Faculty Liaisons

2014-15 OIED Faculty Liaisons

Workshop at the Haliwa-Saponi Multipurpose Center

Workshop at the Haliwa-Saponi Multipurpose Center

The Indigenous Collaborative on Education, Research, and Service (ICERS) at NC State, directed by Associate Professor Susan Faircloth (a member of the Coharie Tribe), a Faculty Liaison with the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, sponsored its first official event on Thursday, November 13th. Dr. Faircloth and senior science education major, Jessica Anstead (a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe) sponsored a workshop at the Haliwa-Saponi multipurpose center. Ms. Anstead led the tribal youth as they made hand drums as a way of teaching how animal cells are formed. Many thanks to Jessica for developing this activity! This Collaborative is made possible by the support of the College of Education; the Department of Leadership, Policy, and Adult and Higher Education; and the Provost’s Office.

Recruiting table at 2014  Institute on Teaching and Mentoring

Recruiting table at 2014 Institute on Teaching and Mentoring


Faculty Liaison Jade Berry-James with Garry Morgan, Assistant Director for Diversity Programs recruiting faculty, postdocs, grad students and Building Future Faculty program participants at the Compact for Faculty Diversity’s Institute on Teaching and Mentoring in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2014.


2013-14 OIED Faculty Liaisons



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Images from the 12th Annual Social Equity Leadership Conference — June 5-7, 2013

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