Two important resources are the Faculty Search Toolbox and the Religious Holidays Calendar.

The Faculty Search Toolbox contains resources, templates, and breakthrough practices for recruiting diverse faculty to NCSU.

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The Religious holidays guidelines and calendar provide a short list of some holidays on which some campus members may not be able to work or attend class.

This section of the Faculty Diversity website contains information about online and university resources on a wide range of areas of faculty work: on recruiting diverse faculty, faculty search processes, on mentoring faculty, resources and information about teaching diverse populations and increasing the diversity of students in the pipeline to STEM careers, graduate school, and the professoriate, resources and programs for faculty with families, for faculty approaching retirement, and links to reports and NC State demographic and survey data.

Faculty Search Toolbox

jlb-MThe Faculty Search Toolbox contains databases and online registries of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from underrepresented groups, instructions for a recommended three-step process for search committees wishing to increase the impact of their efforts to diversify the faculty, templates for letters and candidate evaluation forms, and information about NC State’s Target of Opportunity Hiring Program and job search assistance for partners and spouses of prospective faculty.

Religious Holidays: Guidelines and Google overlay calendar

Several religions prohibit working on certain holidays. To aid faculty and supervisors with scheduling events and activities, a short list of some holidays on which students, staff, or faculty may not be able to work or attend class is provided  on the Major Religious Holidays website. Please note that this list is not at all exhaustive. More complete lists are linked to the cultural calendar website.

NC State’s policies on classroom attendance and holidays are also available there.  Part of the regulation is reproduced here:

3.1.3 Students will be allowed a minimum of two excused absences per academic year for religious observances as verified by the Division of Undergraduate Academic Programs (Park Shops, 515-3037).

Please try to avoid conflicts in scheduling major meetings, exams, and so forth, and work with students, faculty and staff to accommodate these observances.

We have created an overlay for Google Calendar of major religious and cultural holidays. The holidays with work restrictions appear in lavender and are noted with two askerisks on the Google calendar overlay. The calendar is intended to be used as a guide for instructors and event planners to indicate which days are important religious holidays that might entail work restrictions.

You can overlay this calendar on your Google Calendar by clicking “add a coworker’s calendar” and then typing as the email address. The Google Calendar overlay contains all the holidays (with and without work restrictions) listed on the Major Religious Holidays website.


NC State has several policies and programs relating to work/family compatibility.  Offerings include parental leave for all faculty and graduate students, automatic tenure clock extension for faculty who take maternity leave and automatically approved tenure clock extension for all faculty with a new child in the family, child care adjacent to campus,  lactation rooms at several locations around campus, and dual career hiring assistance for prospective faculty.

Resources for Women Faculty

Resources for Women Faculty. There are several organizations and centers whose aims are to improve the climate for women and increase the representation of women among the faculty, such as Council on the Status of Women, the NC State Women’s Center, and the Association of Women Faculty.  You will also find opportunities for leadership training, library and curricular resources for women and gender, and programs devoted to women’s health here.

Readings and Other Resources on Mentoring Faculty

Faculty Diversity Data and Reports

 NCSU data and reports on topics of special interest, such as the risk of leaving for various groups of assistant professors, faculty demographics, hiring and retention, usage of tenure clock extensions by pre-tenure faculty with new children in the family. Reports on the annual survey of separating faculty, the faculty salary equity study done every three years, and the COACHE survey of faculty satisfaction, also conducted every three years.

Building Inclusive Classrooms

Tools, readings, and electronic resources for Building inclusive classrooms, maintaining a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, and avoiding a chilly climate.

Information for Faculty Reaching Retirement

Benefits for Retired Faculty Information about emeritus status, benefits such as library privileges, email, tuition waivers, gym privileges, and discounted tickets for sporting and cultural events.

Faculty Liaisons

Faculty Liaisons to the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity. The Faculty Liaisons serve as an important resource in OIED’s efforts to foster an inclusive and welcoming campus climate, enhance the university’s ability to recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff, and support ongoing university efforts to increase the cultural competence of NC State students.

Readings and Electronic Resources about Faculty Diversity

Readings and electronic resources on diversifying the faculty, work and family integration, underrepresentation of women and minority faculty, as well as links to journals and online collections of material on faculty diversity.

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