OIED Resource Library

A variety of materials regarding equal opportunity issues is available to NC State employees and students. Please contact Lisa Pierson at 919-515-3148 or to borrow any of these items.



  • ADA Technical Assistance
  • Sexual Harassment Claims - What the Law Demands:
    A Comprehensive Guide to Investigative Protocol
    , produced by the University of Vermont - 1999
  • Proposed Rule: ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings & Facilities
    Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines

Journals, Newsletters & Other Subscriptions

  • AAUW Outlook, bi-annual journal
  • ADA Compliance Guide, Thompson Publishing, binder with monthly updates and newsletter
  • Disability Compliance for Higher Education, LRP Publications, Monthly newsletter
  • Educator's Guide to Controlling Sexual Harassment, Thompson Publishing, binder with monthly updates and newsletter
  • Fair Labor Standards Handbook for States, Local Governments and Schools, Thompson Publishing, binder with monthly updates and newsletter

Reference Materials

  • A License for Bias: Sex Discrimination, Schools, and Title IX, AAUW Report, 2000
  • Access to Education for the Disabled, McFarland Publications
  • Accessible Computer Technology: Meeting the Needs of People with Disabilities, Thompson Publishing, 40-page report
  • Accommodating Employees with Psychiatric Disabilities: A Practical Guide to ADA Compliance, Thompson Publishing, 128-page book
  • ADA Title II Action Guide, LRP Publishing
  • BaFa' BaFa' - A Cross Cultural Simulation Game, R. Garry Shirts
  • College and University Disability Management, LRP Publishing
  • Diversity Awareness Profile (DAP) (Second Edition)
  • Diversity Awareness Profile (DAP) - Facilitator's Guide (Second Edition)
  • Diversity Activities and Training Designs (Notebook)
    • Introductory Material
    • Sample Designs
    • Activities
    • Lecturettes
    • Bibliography and Resources
  • Diversity Training (Notebook)
    • Part 1 - Presentation and Discussion Resources
    • Part 2 - Experiential Learning Activities
    • Part 3 - Inventories, Questionnaires, and Surveys
  • EEOC Guidebooks
    • Employer EEO Responsibilities
    • Disability Discrimination
    • Sex Discrimination
    • Religious Discrimination
    • Age Discrimination
    • National Origin Discrimination
  • Eliminating Homophobia: Resources for Use in Women's Sports and Fitness, Women's Sports Foundation, 1994, 50-page book
  • First in the Family (Advice About College From First-Generation Students), ISBN #0-9762706-6-8
  • Healing into Action: A Leadership Guide for Creating Diverse Communities, National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI), 1997, 98-page book
  • Honoring Differences (The Original Connection Cards)
  • Honoring Differences (Generations Connection Cards)
  • Investigating Sexual Harassment: A Practical Guide to Solving Complaints, Thompson Publishing, 240-page book
  • It's All in What You Ask: Questions for Search Committees to Use, AAC (Project on the Status and Education of Women), 4-page booklet
  • The Online Learning Idea Book, ISBN #978-0-7879-8168-6
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Athletic Settings, Women's Sports Foundation, 1996, 50-page book
  • Sexual Harassment: Research and Resources, National Council for Research on Women, 1992, 60-page book
  • Removing Barriers: Tips and Strategies to Promote Accessible Communication, The North Carolina Office on Disability and Health with Woodward Communications, 1999, 40-page booklet
  • The Restoration of Title IX: Implications for Higher Education, Bernice Sandler, 1989 (AAC, Project on the Status and Education of Women), 13-page booklet
  • Women Faculty at Work in the Classroom, or, Why It Still Hurts to be a Woman in Labor, Bernice Sandler, 1993 (Center for Women's Policy Studies), 16-page booklet
  • Workplace Accommodations Under the ADA, Thompson Publishing, 124-page book


  • What Do I Wear? (Poster)
  • Where Do I Look? (Poster)
  • What is On Time? (Poster)