NC State’s Title IX officers have responsibilities related to preventing and addressing sex discrimination within the university. Assistance in addressing concerns of sex discrimination is available through the Title IX officers and relevant departments on campus.

NC State’s Title IX officers have responsibilities related to preventing and addressing sex discrimination within the university.


Dr. Linda McCabe Smith
Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity, Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity, Title IX Coordinator
Winslow Hall, Room 231
Campus Box 7530
(919) 515-3148

  • Oversees university-wide compliance with Title IX
  • Ensures coordination with deputy Title IX coordinators and appropriate campus partners
  • Oversees development and delivery of outreach efforts on issues involving sex discrimination
  • Provides or recommends annual training for the deputy Title IX coordinators, University Police, OIED investigators, directors and trainers

Robinette Kelley
Equal Opportunity Officer, Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Winslow Hall, Room 203
Campus Box 7530
(919) 515-8694

  • Investigates complaints of sex discrimination brought by employees and students, including sexual harassment and sexual violence
  • Provides education on preventing and addressing sex discrimination for employees and campus partners with Title IX responsibilities
  • Collaborates with Office of General Counsel to ensure university policies and procedures are Title IX compliant

Michelle Lee
Associate Athletic Director for Compliance, Department of Athletics, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Weisiger-Brown Athletic Facility, Room 2112
Campus Box 8502
(919) 515-5076

  • Oversees Title IX compliance within the Athletics Department
  • Compiles student-athlete annual survey results relating to Title IX issues
  • Coordinates annual training for Athletics Department staff and student athletes

Dr. Lisa Zapata
Vice Provost for Student Development, Health and Wellness, Division of Academic and Student Affairs, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Holladay Hall, Room 9
Campus Box 7301
(919) 513-3403

  • Works with Title IX officers to improve campus climate related to sex discrimination, maintaining an environment that is safe and supportive of all students
  • Assists in promoting the observance of appropriate behavioral norms by campus organizations and during student events
  • Supports the participation of relevant groups’ consistent, continuing education on Title IX-related topics
  • Oversees the provision of medical and counseling services and ensures the availability of health providers experienced in treating trauma
  • Collaborates with OIED to ensure Title IX training is provided to students and DASA’s responsible employees

Relevant Departments at NC State

Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity: Responding to sex discrimination and sexual harassment complaints within NC State

  • Any individual with a concern about sex discrimination or sexual harassment occurring within NC State University may bring the concern to NC State’s Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity (OIED).  OIED works to resolve complaints of discrimination and harassment in an effective, efficient, and respectful manner. OIED has delegated authority to investigate such complaints.

Women’s Center: Advocacy and assistance related to sexual violence experienced by students at NC State

In addition to offering a variety of equity-related programs and services, the NC State Women’s Center offers the following services for survivors of sexual and relationship violence and stalking:

  • Crisis/options counseling
  • Accompaniment and scheduling to court, student conduct, police, hospital, etc.
  • Assist you with changes in housing, parking, classes, etc.
  • Contact your professors on your behalf for flexibility/assistance
  • A Survivor Fund which offers financial assistance to survivors, i.e. cabs, medications, labs, counseling, morning-after pill, etc.
  • Resources and referrals to campus and community services
  • 24-hour anonymous and confidential Relationship and Sexual Violence Phone (RSVP) line 919-618-RAPE (7273).

Office of Student Conduct: Addressing allegations of student misconduct

  • The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) educates students about the policies, rules and regulations that will impact their time at NC State.  In addition, OSC  helps students gain greater insight into their decisions and behaviors so every student can learn in a safe, respectful environment. OSC enforces the Student Code of Conduct at NC State.

NC State Campus Police

  • NC State Police provides professional law enforcement, effective emergency response, crime and incident reduction and community outreach and education.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center believes that a healthy emotional life is the foundation for personal, academic, and professional success. The center’s mission is realized through the delivery of comprehensive services, such as:

  • Brief individual, group, and couple’s counseling
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment
  • 24-hour crisis response
  • Campus and community referrals
  • Faculty, staff, and student consultation
  • Mental health educational programming and training

The center is staffed with licensed professionals who specialize in treating survivors of sexual harassment and assault. The Counseling Center is also the only place on campus that is not a mandatory reporter of sexual assault and can afford students complete confidentiality in that area.

Student Health Services

  • Responds to immediate physical needs and supportive measures following sexual assault or suspected assault.
  • Provides testing, treatment and on-going follow-up care as needed.
  • Provides appropriate referrals to on-campus resources and community resources for physical, emotional, education and judicial purposes as appropriate. (Counseling Center, Women’s Center, Interact/Solace, etc).
  • Staffs full-time Physician and Nurse Practitioner specialists in women’s care trained to respond to sexual assault of women.
  • Staffs full-time Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners in General Medical clinic trained to respond to sexual assault regardless of gender or sexual orientation.